To say that digital marketing is on the rise for the past decade, yet most people lack awareness of the industry. So describing digital marketing in simple words is marketing itself by applying digital tools and strategies to reach the end consumers. Brands going digitally makes it easier for consumers to be aware of their business type and what expertise they have in a particular industry.

The fact about digital marketing is that it is inexpensive and it offers plenty of possibilities to reach and connect with potential customers all over the world. Applying content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc., all help to raise brand awareness and enlighten clients about your products/services.

A decade ago might be silly to say that, selling and buying online is something to be considered running a business, except only for those who have the capital. But as of now, it is no longer that same scenario. Every business owner, and entrepreneurs they all have the same opportunity and possibility to learn by implementing this tool.

On the other hand, if a business doesn’t have a strategic approach to digital marketing that aligns with your business or service, it will suffer rather than reap the rewards. Nonetheless, there is always an upside and downside even when running a business. There is hope for those who learn digital marketing and apply them, only when one has learned the steps to it. Let’s dig deeper into digital marketing.


What is digital marketing?

Marketing initiatives conducted online fall under the category of digital marketing. Search engines, emails, websites, social media, and other digital channels can be used to communicate with present and potential clients.

Digital marketing is a support system for your business goals: outreach and attaining clients. Framing a strategy, implementing them, and making adjustments to those strategies, to reach the desired end goal. With digital marketing, businesses are receiving trackable results, and eventually sales.

Achieving marketing objectives through digital technologies and social media is what digital marketing is all about.

Digital marketers have received more financial assistance as a result of the growth in business, which has raised the number of positions in the field.

Digital marketing, as compared to traditional marketing, enables you to reach a broader audience and focus on customers who are most likely to purchase your goods and services. Additionally, traditional marketing is more expensive.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The Covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on how a business conducts its operations. Considering health and safety concerns, many businesses are carrying operations to digital platforms with their brand and also taking customer interactions online. Right from groceries and medicines to clothing, people have taken to the internet as a new norm for business.

The big picture for digital marketing, is you need a strategy to support your marketing goals. To be successful in online marketing you must master the strategy, to compete with competitors across digital platforms.

The algorithms used by Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and the like control your visibility on the internet. How much you understand this algorithm will be of great value to your business, to get visibility and rank ahead against fellow competitors. Let’s have a look into these 11 reasons in detail.

Here is a list of the Importance of Digital Marketing: 11 Reasons

1. Brand awareness

First of all, it is essential to expand your reach and increase brand awareness. You may reach a larger audience more quickly and effectively than with conventional marketing techniques if you have a strong digital marketing strategy. Another thing about awareness is to show potential customers how reliable your company is and what kind of expertise you have in a particular service.

Here are a few tools in digital marketing channels to help expand your brand on digital platforms:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Graphic, Infographic
  • Video Marketing 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Email marketing 
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads

2. Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Another essential element that benefits businesses in digital marketing are that it allows you to acquire new customers at a lower rate than traditional marketing (Billboards). Customer acquisition cost represents the total amount of money your business spends on average to acquire a new customer and also to retain them.

The following ways that online marketing reduces acquisition expenses:

  • Target the most relevant audiences
  • Personalize messaging that resonates effectively 
  • Improve website conversion rates
  • Activate re-targeting campaigns
  • Follow and modify campaigns in real time
  • Assign marketing tasks automatically

3. Automate marketing activities

Another reason why digital marketing is important, it allows you to automate most of the marketing activities without much effort to do daily. For this reason, digital marketing helps you execute your marketing campaigns faster. It also enables you to increase marketing efficiencies and save on workload, manpower, and costs. All of this contributes to the lower Customer Acquisition Cost.

You may automate some of your digital marketing tasks by doing things like:

  • Schedule social media posts in advance
  • Automation for delivery of email

4. Personalize content

Digital marketing allows you to personalize and customize your marketing campaigns to target a specific audience as well as individual customers. Your marketing efforts can be concentrated on the categories and groups most responsive to your messaging rather than wide, uncertain, general consumers.

Gather customer data or information to divide audiences and create specific content for each group.

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After the collection of data, create a rough appeal content in general. But later on, make customization accordingly to your desired marketing campaigns for each audience. Furthermore, personalize your campaigns based on each individual’s expressed interests. Because of this, every consumer thinks they are getting a personalized and appropriate message.

5. Lead generation

Digital marketing offers an advantage when it comes to lead generation. Going digital makes it easier for potential customers to find your brand, learn about your products or services, and ultimately become a leader in your industry. All these things can help your company grow, even if your company is a small-scale industry. You can still compete with the big and reputed companies, this too can be achieved through digital marketing. Most importantly you have to understand the social media algorithm first and then apply it. This is how you can rank higher in the search engine of the digital platform.

6. Brand Reputation

In today’s digital-trend consumers are more likely to buy from a brand with positive online feedback. Rather than purchase from a brand with negative online feedback and this can cost a company in sales severely. Customers treat online recommendations the same way they treat word-of-mouth.

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it can be used to improve your brand’s reputation. For example, SEO enables you to control the page on Google, by blocking any negativity that may be present online about your brand’s image.

You can also use digital tools and content marketing to provide your audience with many positive online experiences across different platforms. This is possible only when you have met customers’ expectations, and for them to leave positive feedback about the experience.

7. Compete with large corporations

Analyzing the competitor in your industry or niche is a key activity in digital marketing. The activity is helpful as it makes you aware of what marketing campaigns, tools, ads, etc., your competitors are applying. With all of these possibilities, you can compete with those who are already ahead of the game in the industry, and for you to implement a similar strategy as well.

Businesses corporate try to scale their sale with multichannel marketing which comprises PPC, SEO, social media, etc. This approach helps both small and large businesses to achieve their respective goals to deliver a sale or service.

8. Reach to customers

Digital marketing puts you in a position to reach customers who are ready to act or purchase. Depending on where they are in the buying process, they might wish to join up for a trial offer or place an inquiry. Or, perhaps they have already purchased and might want to refer a friend in exchange for some benefit, it can be a discount or a commission.

Online marketing tries to persuade prospective consumers to take action regardless of the stage they are in.

To reach potential customers who are ready to buy, you can implement the following:

  • Offer free trials or discounts
  • Offer product demos or consultations
  • Include calls-to-action (CTAs) in your marketing campaigns

To reach potential customers who are seeking more information about your business or service, you can implement the following:

  • Post responses to frequently asked topics on blogs or social media.
  • Create helpful guides, e-books, webinars, etc.
  • Produce a demo, informational or instructional videos.

9. Tracking Sophisticated Strategy

To achieve good ROI in marketing, establish key metrics and keep track of the performance. This follow-up allows you to determine which marketing campaigns and social media platforms operate most effectively, so you can improve your overall strategy.

Unlike traditional advertising (radio, print ads, billboards, etc.) with these, we can’t keep track of who’s buying or who’s a potential customer, what are their wants and changes they wish to see. But digital marketing allows you to track every single aspect of your marketing campaign, where you’ll be able to make adjustments to your campaigns in real-time to improve results. With these efforts in digital marketing, you can come across clients who might have an insight into certain services and products, which the company can take into consideration the feedback they’re receiving.

10. Adapt to changes

With the changing trend now and then, it is best to follow up with the trend. As they say “trend is a friend”, customer behavior is always changing, and that means your marketing strategies should evolve as well. If you neglect this approach, you may as well find yourself without any sale in a particular duration. This is why you, keep a close watch on what is going on around your industry and try to come up with something where you can compete with your fellow competitors.

Digital marketing lets you adapt to these changes with the behavioral approach of customers and marketing strategies. For instance, if google ads or PPC ads aren’t working at the moment, it’s a sign that something is not working. This is why you need to change your strategy, where you can create more marketing content on other digital platforms.

11. Scaling your marketing campaigns

One significant benefit of digital marketing is that it levels out the marketing platform meaning that everyone is equal irrespective of what capital they possess. Even small business owners and startups can find the means to compete with eCommerce giants like Amazon by applying the right digital marketing approach in place.

On the other hand, scaling traditional marketing strategies like TV, radio, or print advertisements may be challenging and expensive. Furthermore, if you operate billboards in multiple locations, it might hinder your promotion from physical obstruction to scaling quickly.

Whereas with digital marketing, you can expand your marketing efforts in a much more effective and smooth operation in a cost-efficient way.

Tools applied in digital marketing

Here are some of the tools when applying digital marketing strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Digital advertising
  • Digital messaging
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Co-branding
  • Backlinks
  • Sponsorship
  • Influencer outreach

Why Digital Marketing as a suitable Career

Since there is a growing need for skilled digital marketers, there are many opportunities available for individuals wishing to enter the industry. If you are one of them, you should first grasp that digital marketing is a broad area with a vast number of career options. Coders, Data Science professionals, graphic designers, video editors, etc., all these different professionals can make a shift to digital marketing as a career.

Digital marketers use a variety of digital marketing channels or social media platforms to connect with customers and promote sales and services. A digital marketer’s job involves creating multi-channel advertising strategies for the company with the goal of directly and indirectly reaching consumers.

For digital marketers, knowledge in web development, marketing management, designing, or copywriting is preferred. Focusing on skills like SEO and SEM that help firms may make it straightforward for you to acquire high-paying employment in digital marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Careers

Any fresher entering a digital marketing career will generally start in junior roles like digital marketing intern, and assistant and then progress onto experienced roles within two to five years. Major roles in digital marketing are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Manager 
  • SEM or PPC expert 
  • Web developer or designer 
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Content Marketer
  • Graphic or Video editors

The role of a digital marketing professional can vary based on the organizations and industries. These include managers for analytics, CRM, email marketing, e-commerce, and digital agencies, among others.


The substantial expected growth of the digital advertising market to USD 35 billion by 2030 serves as a reminder of the significance of digital marketing. The young generation now prefers the displays of ads on smart devices to the traditional marketing campaign. It is no longer optional but mandatory to make t investments in digital marketing initiatives if you want to keep up with the demand.


Q. Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is important because it allows brands to target their audience either locally, nationally, or internationally level; automate marketing activities, and measure absolutely everything.

Q. What are the 4 most important benefits of digital marketing?

The top benefits of digital marketing are scalability, less expenditure, automation, and targeting.

Q. What is the importance of digital marketing?

Businesses today need a digital marketing strategy to guide them to reach the maximum potential of brand recognition with an end goal being to sell.

Q. What would I benefit from digital marketing?

First of all, digital marketing helps you scale your business promotion. Secondly, it helps you land potential customers. Thirdly, you can pitch in an offer to make a sale or a deal. Similarly:
Global and Local Reach.
Lower Cost expenditure.
Easy to Learn.
Effective Targeting.
Multiple Strategies.
Multiple Content Types.
Increased Engagement.

Q. What are the roles within a digital marketing agency?

Managing Director
Graphic Designer
UI Designer
Social Media Marketer
Web Developer
Account Manager

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