What is VUCA

As we are now in a VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX  and AMBIGUOUS world, and the way we see it, it is not changing in any near future to something very stable. So the only option left to us is to leverage the Human Capital. This is the only option to bring about transformations in the organisations. The human resourcev department should be the flag bearer in this process. This is for sure not an easy task, but with well laid out strategies by the Human Resources department, we can survive and thrive in this situation.

Role of HR in the changing times

Every Organisation wants to excel in the markets, win over its competitors etc, earlier before the pandemic there was a fixed time 9 am to 5 pm every day, but now when the employees are far away from the organisation in their own silos how is it really possible to enable then engross in their work like they were when at the organisation in the offline setup. So this is when the Human Resource department become the most critical differentiator.

Understanding the employee viewpoint, i.e. trying to understand what they exactly want, is one of the most essential strategies that the HR department can utilise to meet the ever-changing dynamic environment bearing the VUCA characteristics. Most employees nowadays aspire to have their own workplace, freelancing, freedom, job flexibility, and so on. It is critical for organisations to begin treating their employees as if they were customers since the moment has arrived when employees are also key stakeholders in the organisation.


They want to handle themselves on their own, they want to make their own decisions, and so on. As a result, when a scenario like this happens, the so-called traditional job of HR managers alters. That is where HR managers may begin to implement the approach of understanding their staff. HR payroll course should employ a plan that may improve the work environment, whether it is offline or online.

Standard Casual Model of HRM

The next important part of the HR strategy for the VUCA world is to play an inclusive role in business decisions. That can come from following the Standard Casual Model of HRM which basically talks about how to align the business strategy, it is basically a model that starts with the business strategy and ends with HR processes. In the VUCA world nothing is predictable, so the only factor the organisation can depend on is the unpredictable human capital, so it’s important to leverage the human potential which can happen if and only if they are involved as part of the business strategy.

How to get better business output?

So the best way to involve human capital with the organisational strategy is to align the human process and human resources strategy with the organisational strategy which can lead to improved organisational performance. For example, suppose an organisation wants to create a certain product and has a strategy in place. For example, if an organisation wants to design a specific product and has a plan for what the design is and how much profit the new design can bring to the organisation, the first step in this process is to align the HR team in the decision-making process and ensure that the organization’s goals are well communicated to the HR department so that they might design an HR training programme for the design and the change in the process. This way a  better business output can be obtained.

Benefit of the employees

Especially now when everyone is far away from the organisation and are in their own silos not all would be having the same sense of purpose for the organisation or the sense of belongingness and hence it is important for the HR department to improve upon the engagement activities to enhance their organizational citizenship behaviour which can only happen if they feel they have a sense of autonomy,  the employees should feel there is a personal benefit or rather a personal growth from these training programs and other initiatives by the HR department.

HRM and AI

As HR processes have started to become AI-driven and automated, the redundant process and practices will be scrapped and it becomes easier for the human resources managers to work closely with the employees on a personal level. Giving a personal touch to the employees is the best of all strategies to ensure they stay with the organisation because they are treated well in the organisation through employee rewards and benefits, structured career plans in the organisation, opportunities to grow and explore, learning opportunities. The employees can be kept satisfied only if the HR departments try and understand the external factors influencing the employees, and how the competitors are treating the employees. This basically comes under the 8 box model by Paul Boselli, which is about understanding the internal and external factors that affect the HR department.

It is important for the  HR department to take lead in this VUCA world than ever before, keeping in mind some of the HR models will help frame good HR strategies.

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  1. Kriti Bakshi Reply

    The information supplied by the author made me aware of the importance of human resource management. Thank you and keep providing us with such informative blogs.

  2. Thank you, for enlightening us about the importance and role of the HR strategy to tackle the challenges created due to VUCA.

  3. Sandeep Mahiwal Reply

    This blog has accurately emphasized the significance of Human resources in this VUCA world. Good job!!

  4. Akriti Kumari Reply

    In this VUCA world, human resource is the one and only option to survive as well as thrive.

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