Professionally I am a teacher, but what drove me to become a content writer is my passion for writing and love for researching new things. India is in the new internet revolution era, so people are using the internet for different needs. For instance- quick information, promoting a brand, social media etc. Thus content writers are in demand nowadays. 

With your good writing, you can engage and touch anyone’s heart and mind. So if you have this power, use it. What is holding you back? Your fear of writing? or your confidence?  

Yes, you can do it, because everything can be fixed. so, make yourself ready to start your content writing journey.

This blog will help you to enlighten with all the information regarding content writing. 

tips on content production.

The Captivating Power of Content writing in the enormous digital world.

Content writing involves a lot of research and a strategic way of providing information to the online target audience. Sales copy, blog posts, articles and social media posts are different forms of content writing. Undoubtedly, Content writing and the digital world are interdependent.

Content writing is the next big thing in the digital world as-

1. Brand promotion:

During the pandemic, the world has witnessed a sudden shift in people’s preferences from conventional advertising to the digital world.

Due to this, brands are focusing on digital platforms as essential aspects of a business plan.  Good content acts as a mediator between the customer and the brand. It escalates the rate of conversion in business and helps in deciding a smart purchase for a buyer.

2. Educate the visitor :

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An Important role in writing services is to share detailed and updated information on different aspects, views, possible problems and solutions. 

3. Social media is ruled by content writing:

Content writing gets a vast platform on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram etc., to promote business and spread different ideas.

4.  SEO and PPC increase traffic to the website:

Content includes SEO help to spread the content across the internet and create backlinks to it. SEO content improves visibility on search engines, which drives traffic to a website.

 In addition, Good SEO content must have images, audio and links with SEO keywords to rank in Google.

PPC(Pay-per-click) campaign increases the conversion rate of an interested customer.  Powerful content has a direct impact on PPC, it can convince and attract the visitor to turn into a buyer.

Different types of content writing

1. Article

A blog (Trimming of ‘Weblog’) is a journal where information in an informal and diary writing style is uploaded. Blog posts are undoubtedly the boss of content writing. The above statement is true because- Firstly it is a fantastic way to drive more traffic to a website, as blog content is written for the target audience and is also engaging. Secondly, blog posts are written in a friendly, relaxed way so more audiences get connected with the content or the brand.

To rank your blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) writing is implemented. SEO helps the site in organic visibility and SERP ranking.

If you want to rank your blog or website then you should write high-quality content with the black link, targeted search engine keywords.

Tips for SEO friendly article- 

  • Naturally sprinkle your keywords in your text, H1 and H2 header, meta descriptions and subheadings.
  • Your title should be attractive and optimized so that readers get excited to read your blog in the search engine.Find a trending topic for your blog.
  • Optimize the meta description to explain the prerequisite of the article.
  • Make your introduction stunning, so that your audiences get hooked on the text.
  • Try to make the language and tone easy, so more people can read your content. Use bullet points, headings and subheadings (H3, H4), images and most importantly use short paragraphs.
  • Most importantly, add backlinks in your text to rank.

2. Copywriting

product description

This is the most renewed form of content production. Copywriters are demanded in all organizations because they are responsible for sales. This type of content writings are for website pages, product descriptions, sales catalogues, paid ads, brochures and budding pages. 

Above all, Copywriters are the spokesperson of a brand and ideally, a brand’s copywriter can increase the conversion ratio. A copywriter has potential knowledge about the buyer’s personality and they use it in their blog to drive the conversion rate.

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Before content production, conduct product research and analyze customer psychology, based on the report, they create the copy.

3. Social Media post

social media post

Todays’ world is a socially dominated culture, so people find their brand online before purchasing. Content production is increasing day by day due to this. Powerful content can play with anyone decision. So every business owner is promoting their brand on social media platforms.

A professional social media writer can design the content with emojis, short sentences, brand logo and most importantly captivating copy. In addition, stunning captions can make your audience pause on your ad while surfing social media.

The world of social media is so vast that staying connected with your copy and visual is most important.

4. Technical Writing

Technical writing is delivering any technical information. Examples of technical writing are manuals, handbooks, reports, instruction manuals, white paper and many more.

 A technical writer needs to have a knowledge and understanding of technical terms as their work is to simplify complex information.

During content production, keep in mind that formatting and proper language are two key requirements in technical documents. Moreover, using simple language makes your reader understand the concept.

The main purpose of technical writing is to give a clear picture of how to complete a task or project, thinking from a targeted audience perspective. It should be compact and simple to read. For instance- how to activate your ATM Card.

5. Email

sample of email writing.

It is a very challenging job to grab the attention of a customer in between spam emails a person receives in their inbox. The best way to break through the clutter is with striking email. An email can change the business game if you can pitch the right way.

Your subscription needs engaging and convincing content to turn them into customers. Undoubtedly it has become one of the most popular and cheapest types of marketing strategy. Overall it is easy and effective to communicate with your audience.

Some tips for writing emails-

  • Start your email with a good subject line, so increase the open ratio.
  • Personalize the email with the sender’s name. This is a good way to connect with your target audience. Moreover, you can speak directly to them.
  • In content production, clear and catchy titles are enough to convince your audience to open your email.
  • Using second person is the best voice to use in email writing.
  • Highlight the benefits of the product rather than features. In addition, it will give them a realistic picture of the product.
  • Email should be and sweat toned.

6. Journalism and PR Writing

sample of press release

This type of content production includes news events, the launch of a new product or the opening of a new company. Until and unless you invite any media house and PR writer to come to your event, people will never know about your product. 

Therefore journals and PR writers help to spread the news regarding your product details through their press releases.

7. Ghost Writing

The name itself is mysterious. Ghostwriters write on behalf of a publication, individual or organisation but do not get credit for it. But wait they get good payment for this.

 Now, I guess you can understand why they are called so. Ghostwriters work under the CEO of the company, they write content under their name.

To be a professional ghostwriter, you need to learn content production in different tones and writing styles as per different brands. Moreover, a ghostwriter can be a freelancer or employed and can work on any type of content like e-book, website blogs etc.

8. Script Writing


This is a process of narrating a story in a screenplay medium. Scriptwriting includes different actions, expressions and dialogue of different characters. The sole purpose of this type of content production is for the screen. In short, a script is a film in written form.

A poor script will lead to a bad movie because it is the blueprint of the movie. Your script should have an engaging plot that people will enjoy watching the movie.

You need to be creative because this is the most difficult form of writing. In a script, you must visualise every screen and dialogue with your viewer.

To conclude, scriptwriting has many elements to learn, so it may take time to become proficient at it.  But at the same time a rewarding writing medium.

9. Academic writing

academic triangle

This is the formal and unbiased type of writing. Academic writing is used in universities, book publications, thesis, reports, research papers etc. This follows a specific structure and style of writing.

Some tips on academic writing

  • Formal tone- Academic writing aims to deliver information impartially. All claims need relevant evidence and research. Never use informal and controversial phrases because it is important to apply the right language and tone.
  • Lucid & exact- Your content production should be clear and accurate so that readers understand the idea.
  • Focused & Proper format- An academic text has a purpose, therefore give information according to the purpose.
  • Genuine source- In academic writing sources are used to support the claims, so use evidence that is hundred per cent relevant and accurate. Research documents are always the best to trust. Most importantly cite your sources in academic writing.

Steps Involved in content writing

Before content production, you need to prepare some steps-

A. Research work

Your content should be authentic and backed by research. If your information is false or misleading then google will backlash your website from search engines. Most importantly, consumers will never visit your website. 

Always be loyal and unbiased in your blog, so if you are promoting any brand be truthful about the business. Fake promotion will create a negative frame of mind regarding the brand, which will lead to a reduction in sales and consumers’ trustworthiness.

What to research- 

1. Set a Goal:- Set the business goal you want to achieve. Following your goal  design your content like

  • The tone of your content.
  • Type of content you need to format.
  • Language to use in the text.

2. Keyword Topic research:- To rank your website, it’s important to write content with SEO. Search engines love quality content, thus to boost your ranking, you need to optimize your content with relative keywords. 

As per your goal select topics and keywords. SEO friendly content will reach more readings. Semrush and Yoast SEO can show the volume of the keyword, so create a list of the highest keywords volume associated with the topic and use the same words in your content.

3. Strategy to reach more people:- To attract your audience, you need to make a plan. Research on the customer, person and construct a strategy to promote your content. Strategy like 

  • Where to publish.
  • Content Format.
  • Analysing content performance.

B. Planning 

This is the most vital part as it can improve content production and quality. Excel sheets can be your best tool to draw a content plan.

 Focus point can be:

  • The goal of your post.
  • Strategy for your market promotion.
  • Content-type.
  • The topic.
  • Publication Date.

C. Writing

 Once your research work is done, you need to work on writing. As a good content writer, you should have a consistent tone of voice, good oriented language and constructive hooks.

Here are some suggestions to craft appealing content-

  • Write a convincing Headline- A thrilling headline can grab the attention of readers. The headline should include the focus keyword. It should be written in 6-7 words. Headline assist tools can assist you to transform the heading to rank in search engines.
  • Easy to read- format the content so it becomes easy for the readers to understand. It is very difficult to read long articles, so most people focus on points that they feel are interesting. Always break your paragraph into short with one or two sentences. Use more bullets, heading and subheadings so that readers can absorb your ideas more easily.
  • Organise your content- Above all organise your content which engages your readers.
  • Use Images and Videos- Related visual presentations, charts and infographics are effective methods to retain their attention.
  • Storytelling- Present your content in a story style. You can make them motivated, inspire, and encourage through your writing. This is the best way to communicate with your audience.
  • Add data- If you are providing a fact, then always back them with data from reliable websites.
  • Avoid errors- Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation errors before publishing your content.
  • Do not overstuff your keyword- You need to include keywords but it should be natural not forcefully, therefore concentrate on the quality of the content. High-quality content will be appreciated by your readers and Google.
  • Count Your words- To rank high, your word count should be between 1500 to 2500. The top contents are 1890 words.

 Content writing as an additional certificate

 Over recent years, technology is dominating the world.  People want information at their fingertip, which is freely available through the internet.

content is the king of the digital world in which the content writer is the maker.

1. A demanding career:

Content has become a prime medium of information and communication in the digital platform. Therefore a content writer has received a great opportunity and is in great demand. It is the career that will command the world for the next few generations.

2. Passive earning:

People who want content writing part-time jobs or want a supplement for their income can start freelancing. Moreover, you can work according to convenient time and place.

3. Personal enrichment:

Content writing is the work that transforms you personally. It also helps to express emotion, improves communication skills and makes you more confident and knowledgeable.

4. Switching of a profession:

A Content writer can be from any educational or job background. Therefore, One can select any niche of writing style (copy, academic, business, editing etc.) as per the expertise to become a content writer.

5. Scope in every field:

The media industry, PR, IT, E-Commerce, Digital marketing all need a content writer to promote their business. On the other hand, a Content writer is the spokesperson of the brand to promote its business.

6. As a hobby:

If you are passionate about writing and have creative skills, then this course is perfect for you. It doesn’t need any specific qualification, language or age bar to enrol for this course.

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  • Hackathons- Free access to hackathons and competitions.
  • Membership- Free 1-year gold membership and above all, prestigious Henry Harvin alumni status.

What makes Henry Harvin the best content writing institution?

  • Recognition- Henry Harvin is the winner of the Top Corporate Training by BestcourseNews.Com
  • Accreditation- This institution is affiliated with the American Associate of ELF, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKAF, UKcert, Project Management Institute.
  • Reviews- 1400 plus google reviews and 200 plus testimonials.
  • Expert trainer- Trainers of Henry Harvin are respected industry experts with 10 plus of working experience. Moreover, You can attain multiple sessions from multiple trainers.
  • Curriculum: Learn 30 plus content types and gain in-depth knowledge of different writing styles. Moreover, learn graphic skills to design newsletters, PPTs, logos, etc. 
  • Freebie- Logo software, E-books, Question-making software, project guides, Mobile app.

Course duration: 36 hours 

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I hope that you have learnt some helpful information about the world of content writing. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. The digital marketing industry is especially associated with the content writing industry. 

This is because today, in every business platform, well-specified content writing is used in digital marketing, to engage the right audience. Besides, every brand needs a voice to connect with the customers to grow their business.

 In this case, content writing is becoming a medium of communication between them. Being an active online presence helps business owners attract new customers.

 Business professionals hire content writers to frame content for their website page, social media posts, sales copy etc. 

 Most importantly, content writing will always be an evergreen career as long as people will use the internet.

 To conclude, content is King so always produce genuine and magnified content by research, planning and proper writing format.


Q: How can I decide the topic to write for a blog?

A: Good topic is always challenging work indeed, but there is lots of software available that can help you to find your topic. Just find your keyword and you will get lots of options. Examples of such tools are Yoast SEO, Semrush among others.

Q: How is an article different from a blog?

A: The language and tone of a blog are informal, casual and personal style whereas articles have formal, informative, research etc. Moreover, articles are more than 300 words but blog posts are short.

Q: Suggest a tool to check plagiarism.

A: There are many options but if you go for free, then SEO Small Tool is the best option.

Q: Salary expected in a content writing job?

A: If you have experience then you can expect a salary between 3,5lakh to 4 lakhs, with more experience between 2-5 years salary between 5-8 lakhs.

Q: Name some tools that can help to create good content.

A: Grammarly, Hemingway, Pikochart, Compressnow are a few important elements that can help you to create good content.

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