Are you interested in making money online? You have come to the right place. This blog will discuss the most interesting topic of today’s digital work world, that is, the Affiliate Marketing Program. The blog here gives a complete guide to one of the most popular e-commerce platforms- the Flipkart Affiliate Program


Affiliate Marketing: An overview

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common online making sources for candidates interested to make money online. The demand for the job primarily depends on two thrilling factors- a) it doesn’t require any professional certification b) open to anyone interested to go for affiliate marketing. 

Primarily, it depends only on the skills to convince and help make sales. Hence, you do not require any formal degree to start your career. 

This blog picks Flipkart Affiliate Program and gives you the details o what it entails. 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the basic ways to make money online. All it requires is to have a knack for inspiring others and taking the desired action. Hence, it is important to remember that the sole purpose of affiliate marketing is adding value to the lives of customers. So it is highly expected from you as an affiliate marketer, to be honest, and sincere while promoting products. 

Now, let’s dive into the Flipkart Affiliate Program and bank on one of the most interesting money-making options. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

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Affiliate Marketing can be said to be a module of digital marketing where you can earn a certain amount of money by promoting a product or service of other companies and brands to your online consumers. 

Flipkart, a well-known face in the e-commerce world has several products that a person requires in life. Founded in the year 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal, mistaken to be brothers for their surname, has gained a favorable reputation for providing quality services to its customers. 

Flipkart’s amazing range of products includes kitchen appliances, electronics, baby products, furniture, books, music, home décor, food essentials, health, stationery, auto accessories, and others. 

With such a massive range of products, Flipkart opens great opportunities for affiliate marketing through the endorsement of the products on the website. 

If you closely look at your online behavior, you will be intrigued to see how greatly your life is impacted by eCommerce companies. With the expansion of e-commerce platforms, every company now aims to provide a mobile-responsive site or app entirely for smartphones. 

Flipkart online structure

With the demand of online platforms, Flipkart is available in a 5-inch smartphone, easily accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Recollect the number of times you have made your best purchases while on travel. 

The best feature of E-commerce businesses in India is that it not only helps to purchase products but also makes money from the products you advocate. 

Besides, the only requirement for you as an affiliate marketer for Flipkart affiliate marketing is you need practice and an understanding of affiliate marketing. You can successfully turn this into a great source of income. 

Steps to Flipkart Affiliate Marketing 

The steps to Flipkart Affiliate Program are easy to follow. All you need to do is promote links to your desired product on your website. Then you draw your traffic, i.e, your online visitors of Flipkart to buy a product through the link you have provided. With every purchase, you earn your commission from it. 

Besides, Flipkart Affiliate Program has also come up with app install tracking and attribution through which Flipkart offers affiliate partners the opportunity to earn even more commissions. 

As Mehul Jobanputra, co-founder of DesiDime states, “Flipkart has been one of the early adopters of affiliate marketing as a channel in India. Having developed the technology internally, they have much better control and understanding of their publisher’s requirements. 

Feeds and reporting widgets are all well incorporated within the affiliate panel. To top it all, a helpful team that understands affiliate marketing very well”. 

Flipkart Affiliate Program: Components

a) Direct Install

Direct Install is simply about installing the Flipkart app directly without any promise to purchase a product or service from Flipkart. This is why it is called Direct Install as it is not influenced by the urge to purchase any product. 

Besides, Flipkart has come up with a CPI (Cost per Install) campaign in direct installation for affiliate partners. The only requirement for the CPI partners is that the geographical location should be India and android devices. You must strictly follow the rules to be eligible for direct install commissions. 

b) FallBack Install 

FallBack Install is for someone who doesn’t have a Flipkart app installed yet wants to buy a product. In this case, your website will direct your customer to the Flipkart app on their iOS or Android phones. 

Your potential customer will download the app from the Android or iOS store. The app needs to be opened within two weeks of installment. You will be paid with every app download but not for the products placed in the same session. 

Further, the affiliate account panel gives the URL for these CPI direct install campaigns along with the app installation report and download features. Further, you have to keep a track of the recent updates on the policies to apply for the affiliate program. 

Note- Content is the most important part of affiliate marketing. So keep in mind to improve your content writing skills. 

Why Flipkart Affiliate Marketing? 

a) Best Commission Rates 

Flipkart believes in offering the maximum commission percentage to its affiliate marketers in every product category. You as an affiliate marketer can earn up to 20% commission on several products that are on sale. 

Further, Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is built in such a way that it reinstalls the belief that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income in the digital space. 

b) Great Internally Developed Technology 

Flipkart is considered one of the leading affiliate marketers. They have remarkably estimated the scope of bringing affiliate marketers to promote their products to a wide audience. Also, as they have technology internally developed, it gives them a better understanding of the needs of publishers. 

Flipkart provides several affiliate widgets and tools; feeds interwoven into the affiliate panel allow easy management of the affiliate program. 

c) Great range of products

Flipkart being the e-commerce giant has an excellent range of products to offer. This allows it to enjoy good traffic on its website. As a result, affiliate marketers are laden with vast product choices to promote. Also, Flipkart helps you as a marketer to seek opportunities for expertise in many products at the same time to maximize commission. 

d) Performance-oriented 

Moreover, Flipkart believes in giving the best incentives to affiliate marketers to perform better. Flipkart Affiliate Program is designed in such a way that it encourages affiliate marketers to draw maximum qualified leads and conversions. The rewards are amazing which motivates marketers to put their best foot forward. 

e) Cost-friendly 

The best part about becoming an affiliate marketer is you don’t have to spend any money to become an affiliate marketer for Flipkart. This has encouraged the individuals to pursue the program as it is extremely rewarding with no investment. All you need to invest is your time and effort in promoting the best products to your customers. 

f) High Conversion Rates 

Flipkart, as already mentioned, has a wide range of products. These vast categories of products and high sale rates are proof of the best conversion rates.

This reinstalls the belief that Flipkart is a trustworthy organization where affiliate marketers receive the best commission for the products they promote. 

It is observed that more than 75% of the customers leave the site within 30 seconds of entering a website. This happens for reasons like a slow-loading page, an unattractive website design, and problems with the user interface. 

Furthermore, it is also recorded that Flipkart has a very high conversion rate which means it satisfies all the factors that make a website user-friendly. 

g) Wide Range of Tools 

Flipkart provides an excellent range of tools for affiliate marketing. These are predesigned products such as links and banners, search tools, promotional banners and widgets, and APIs. These tools also help in converting qualified leads to consumers. 

h) Real-time Reports and Analysis 

Besides, Flipkart offers real-time reports that provide a clear idea about the efficiency of leads and conversions. Depending on this, you as an affiliate marketer can decide your strengths and weaknesses. It helps to maximize your strategy for affiliate marketing. 

Commission Details 

The commission depends on various factors such as the category of goods, parameters like desktop/mobile websites and mobile apps, and new orders or existing orders for both desktop and mobile apps.

Books and General Merchandise- up to 10% 

Furniture-upto 8% 

Sports and Fitness equipment- 5% 

Food and Nutrition (Non-grocery category) – 5%

Electronics and Accessories- upto 4% 

Fashion and lifestyle- upto 4%

Further, there are also categories for Electronic appliances such as Television, mobile, etc. You can earn up to Rs 500 as well as 2% depending on the product. Gemstones, Gold, and Silver coins have a commission of .1%. 

Besides, the commission ranges from 6% to 12% for books, 5% for mobile, 6-20% for toys, 4% for cameras, and 6% for computers. To stay updated with the changes in Flipkart policy and commission rate, visit the Flipkart app. 

What are the steps to becoming an affiliate marketer on Flipkart?

a) Register with Flipkart   

The first step is quite basic. You have to register with Flipkart with the Flipkart Affiliate link. Give all the personal details. The only prerequisite for becoming a member of the marketing program is to have a website/blog and your pan card. The documents required depend on Flipkart’s policies. Pan cards are only needed for affiliates inside India. 

Payment Methods 

They are two methods of payment a) Gift Voucher b) Electronic Fund Transfer

b) Provide detail

1) Give your details like address proof in case of electronic fund transfer, and other necessary details required to open your account in the Flipkart affiliate program

2) Next, you will have to give your email ID. After the completion of your registration, you will be sent an OTP to the registered email address. 

3) Next, give your mobile number for verification. You will receive a Flipkart affiliate tracking ID after a successful registration. 

A tracking ID is used to connect Flipkart and you as an affiliate marketer to keep a track of the sales and commission granted. 

4) People who have a website will have to enter the website details. And also people who want to continue with affiliate marketing will have to provide the link to the app through the mobile app. 

c) Direct the visitors of your website to the Flipkart site/ product site 

Flipkart has to offer a variety of products. Your online visitors will follow the link provided by you to Flipkart and make purchases. Link your website to Flipkart and select the products you want to promote from the bag of products available.

d) Choose a niche 

As a marketer for the Flipkart affiliate program, you must select your choice of products you want to promote. This means you have to convince your visitors of your high standard of service related to the products you link on your website. This requires extensive knowledge on your part to explore all about your field and collect as much information as possible.

For example, if you choose fashion and apparel, you as an affiliate marketer must know all about the latest fashion statements, customer demand, changes in the fashion market, etc. 

e) Include high-quality content on your blog 

This is important to note that the only thing that runs the online e-commerce world is the quality of traffic you draw to your website. 

Your visitors will look for high-grade content. Ensure you create good content to add value to the lives of your customers. Include a good content strategy; give inspirational and useful content to maximize the traffic on your website.

Some of the ways to optimize your website are-

1) Speedy loading

2) Good Search Engine Optimization techniques 

3) A pleasant theme 

4) Connecting your social media accounts to your website 

f) Promote your website

After the posting and creation of content on your website or blog, ensure to bring your website to the audience’s attention through your blog post and website on every medium like a social media discussion forum. 

For this, you can use email marketing, SMS marketing, and other digital marketing to spread the word. This will help you gain visibility and exposure and drive more traffic to the website. 

g) Affiliate tools 

After you decide on the products to promote on your website, you will require an affiliate link to guide your visitor to the particular product you are promoting.


Affiliate marketing is a booming field for anyone interested to make money online. The steps to joining affiliate marketing program are easy to follow and do not require any investment to become a marketer. So bank on this career option soon and get your best commissions. 


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Recommended Reads:


1) What are the types of affiliate tools on Flipkart? 

The affiliate tools on Flipkart include-
Product Links and Banners 
Promotional Banners and Widgets 
Search tools


2) When does the affiliate marketer receive payment?

 When the buyers click on the promotion code provided by you on your website and reach the Flipkart site, they have to buy something in the same session with the code. This makes you eligible to receive a commission based on the product purchased. 


3) Is becoming an affiliate marketer a safe career option? 

Surely, online marketing is a very safe place to earn passive money. With practice and experience, it can change into a great source of income. 


4) What are the advantages of the flipkart affiliate program?

The advantages of the flipkart affiliate program are Lucrative Income Option, Cost-friendly, the Basic skill set required, a variety of channels to promote your product, seller transparency, and others. 


5) Who can become a Flipkart affiliate marketer?

Anyone can become a Flipkart affiliate marketer as it does not require any formal qualification. The candidate only needs to have the ability to convince online visitors into taking the desired action. 


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