We are living in a busy world and there’s nothing wrong in saying that every one of us is leading a hectic lifestyle. Due to busy routines, mental stress is affecting human beings in a big way. 

This year, there’s an increase in stress issues due to Covid 19 which has created fear in the minds of people. Due to this, the demand for mindful strategies, meditation practices, and therapists has increased. 

Now, what is meditation? It’s a practice where one has to close their eyes, keep their mind calm, and think about nothing. It is quite beneficial for one’s health and free of side effects. 

There are numerous meditation apps that are available on both Android and Apple stores. Users can download them easily and can practice meditation to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

There are numerous reasons for the rise in the popularity of different meditation apps. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Increasing stress levels
  • Awareness of mental related health issues
  • Word of mouth
  • Convenience of technology
  • High anxiety levels among millennials

If you are the one who is planning to develop a meditation app just like Calm and Headspace then you have come to the right page! In this post, we will study about the same! Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

Clarify Business Idea

Before investing in the development of a meditation app, it’s vital to have a complete idea regarding the app concept. There are numerous apps available in the market like guided meditation apps, morning meditation apps, meditation music apps, walking meditation apps, breath meditation apps, weight loss meditation apps, guided sleep meditation apps, and so on. 

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Proper UI/UX Approach

The design of an app no doubt plays a very imperative role in defining the app failure or success. It’s better to make use of natural shades/colors rather than using bright colors. 

Another suggestion is to make use of animations rather than text. In addition to this, avoid overloaded patterns along with design elements since it can confuse customers from their initial goals. 

Mobile App Platforms

There are two platforms i.e., Android and iOS and the apps that are successful are compatible on both OS. However, if you have tight budget schedules then ensure to choose the platform wisely as both the OS have different demographic profiles. 

Before choosing the platform, make sure regarding your target users, education, preferences, location, income, and so on. 

Improve User Engagement

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is proper marketing campaigns as well as the active presence of social media. App publicity should persuade users to proceed with downloading the app and use it on a regular basis. Also, you must motivate users to practice meditation lessons regularly as well as collect points for unlocking another meditation lesson. 

Integrate the Apps with Wearables

Integration with wearables no doubt is the best means for making the application progressive. Users who practice meditation on a daily basis pay attention to their entire wellbeing and at times they utilize fitness trackers as well as wearables too. 

You need to make use of APIs from your target devices makers in case you wish to get information from wearables. Wear OS by Google and WatchOS by Apple are major OS for smartwatches. 

Provide Meditation Programs 

Meditation programs will be your app basics. So, in order to hold the attention of your users, it’s vital that you offer a huge meditation programs library for numerous objects. 

Along with it, ensure to update and improve it on a frequent basis. Why? This way, you can keep yourself ahead of your competitors. 

Target All Age Groups 

According to the survey by CDC, meditation is common in all age groups. For reaching a large number of users, it’s important to target users of different age groups with diverse meditation objects. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Meditation App Similar to Headspace and Calm?

Now, to get an idea about the cost for developing the meditation app similar to Headspace and Calm is also something that every app development company must consider. 

There’s no fixed cost for building the meditation app since it relies on the OS platform, features, hourly development rate, development team composition, and so on. In order to ease the things, below-given are some factors responsible for meditation app development costs:

Tech Stack: Tools, programming language as well as technology stack that is used in the development of the app impacts costs.

Development Team: Experience, location, organization size you hire no doubt are responsible for costs of app building such as Headspace or Calm

App Features: The cost value as we all know is linked with the complexity of your app. So, for developing a full-fledged app, it’s important for you to have a proper and good budget. 

Final Insights

Hope you have enjoyed reading this amazing post and it helped you in knowing more about the steps for creating a meditation app similar to Calm and Headspace. 

In order to succeed in making the best meditation app, give attention to its advertising and design. 

Mindfulness apps are in demand nowadays and lots of people are using meditation apps for de-stressing and concentrating on things. It’s an ideal solution for those who want to give their mind complete relaxation. Building such an app is not only for making money however it will help people too. 

Yugasa is the best App Development Company that can help you in creating the best meditation app like Headspace and Calm. 

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