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While having a marketing budget is vital for any small business, it’s equally important to spend it in the right direction and make the foremost of it. How does one know where to spend it when it involves digital marketing vs traditional marketing?

For many businesses, reaching the proper “marketing” decision isn’t easy, albeit it can make an enormous difference in their results.

By gaining clarity on the digital marketing vs traditional marketing aspect, a business can get a far better idea of which marketing method is acceptable and the way it’s should be applied. For instance, if you decide to use social media marketing to build your brand and increase your customer base, you could do it yourself or hire a reputed digital marketing firm like LYFE Marketing to require care of it.

Running a successful business isn’t almost choosing the acceptable market or having a top-quality product. It’s also about leveraging the right kind of marketing techniques to reach out to your target audience and convert them into leads or customers.

Some businesses may give less preference to marketing, but if any serious business wants to extend profits, it’ll nearly always have put aside a correct allow marketing.

Even if you are doing acknowledge the necessity for effective marketing, the entire digital marketing vs traditional marketing debate might stump you. The reason for this confusion may arise because even though a lot of marketing is done traditionally, digital marketing is steadily gaining an edge.

Yes, there is a percentage of people who don’t use the Internet for conducting any transactions. However, a substantial chunk of the population is often using the web for multiple purposes, including making their day-to-day transactions.

As a business, you need to ensure that you are ahead of your competition. Which means you can’t just depend upon outdated marketing methods anymore. You need to seem beyond and understand how you’ll leverage the newest digital marketing techniques to grow your reach.

Before we get into the details of digital marketing vs traditional marketing, let’s first look into some of the basic ideas you need to understand clearly.

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What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing encompasses the marketing methods that can be used without the internet. These are the methods that have been around for decades and are typically used less often now. However, they’re not without their strengths. It also refers to any type of marketing that isn’t online. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. From newspapers to radio, this method of marketing helps reach targeted audiences.

Common Traditional Market Methods

  • Directly mailed postcards
  • coupons
  • Informational packets
  • Television or radio commercials
  • Newspaper or magazine ads
  • Billboards and fliers
  • Telephone calls and text notifications
  • We see and hear many of these ads every day just by listening to the radio on the way to work or even looking out the window at the billboards as we go by. 
  • They’ve become a part of daily life.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing strategies evolve quickly due to trends and new technology. These strategies include people who require the utilization of the web or smartphones. They haven’t been around as long as traditional methods, but they certainly pack a punch.

Common Digital Marketing Methods

  • Website content
  • Email campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Clickable ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

These strategies are very fashionable today due to consumers’ frequent usage of the web and mobile devices. Consistent with Statista, there are 4.54 billion active internet users within the world and three .8 billion active social media users. With numbers that prime, marketing online and thru social media makes tons of sense.

Promoted tweets, influencer and videos are all samples of digital marketing and the way expansive it’s become. Even Googling “What is TikTok?” is evidence of effective digital marketing.

While this society grows more digital, the way we market has evolved. Not only is digital marketing sometimes less expensive than traditional, but also it’s a more direct thanks to connecting with target audiences globally.

Digital marketing is important for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases online. Just in the week, I’ve searched lunch spots, priced couches, and picked an eye fixed doctor — all using the web.

Information like these, wonder which route the company may go with?

Although all the marketing techniques utilized in digital marketing appear similar, online marketing may be a much more versatile mode of selling than a conventional one.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing has its advantages but there’s little question that internet marketing has set a revolution ablaze.

It’s some clear winning benefits over traditional marketing and a few of these are mentioned below.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing and advertising have their unique benefits but certainly, little question that online marketing has established a revolution ablaze. It’s certain winning advantages over traditional marketing and a few of these are mentioned below.

  • Low Cost while newspaper, television, and other such media ads cost tons, advertising through the web is sort of affordable. This successively means a greater fraction of the budget to reinforce business.
  • Real-Time Result Digital marketing has a foothold over traditional marketing since it can give quick results, while the latter keeps you expecting long before showing any results. With online marketing, you’ll measure and consider everything from the number of tourists, conversion rate, and busiest period of the day and bounce rate too with ease.
  • Brand Development When the question of brand name image arises among digital marketing vs traditional marketing, digital marketing has another advantage. Thanks to the limitation of space and low frequency of advertisements as is that the case with conventional marketing, it loses at the hands of web marketing. Instead of the little column during a newspaper, you’ll own a whole website and showcase your ads or promote your brand whenever you would like with the assistance of a social media page or your blog, unlike traditional marketing. This helps to create a picture of your brand consistently.
  • Non-intrusive People don’t purchase a newspaper to seem at the ads or watch a television to be interrupted by commercials, hence usually advertisements featured through such media go ignored. However, with online ads, one has the facility to settle on to ascertain a billboard or not, participate during a social media discussion group or read or ignore a marketing email. 
  • You’ll also target a selected audience for these ads. All of this makes these ads more wanted and much more likely to get leads. Hence by being non-intrusive and non-annoying as against the normal marketing, digital marketing has more potential to offer desirable results.
  • Greater Exposure Any traditional sort of marketing device, be it television commercials or a newspaper advertisement, can only cover a particular area or population sector of a neighborhood. As against this, a web advertisement can reach bent a widespread population, even the entire of world.
  • Better Engagement No traditional marketing mode, allows you to interact together with your |along with your together with your audience and have interaction with your brand. With such marketing channels, you’ve got to attend to realize response only after which may you’re taking any longer step. 
  • With digital marketing strategies, you’ll not only interact together with your targeted audience within the real-time, but also make prompt and fruitful steps supported their quick feedbacks. You’ll also engage your audience in chats and discussions for registering better brand presence and gain passive advice to enhance your product or service. Of course, the latter means you would like to be available and invest in additional time for the engagement through a PR team.
  • Quicker Publicity Owing to real time results with digital marketing, you get instant publicity and albeit you are doing not, you’ll instantly know which of your ad isn’t working. the talk for traditional vs. Digital marketing is out of question here since the previous falls way behind during this regard thanks to lack of such a scope. On the opposite hand, the latter works sort of a chain reaction supplying you with newer audience and earning you a more modern customer with every passing nanosecond.
  • Works for each Stage or Field Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing battle often falls within the winning hands of the online marketing arena with certain benefits you can’t ignore with the previous. Digital marketing allows even small businesses with a couple of staff members to expand their brand presence and manage advertising and marketing front, which in fact can’t be held with traditional marketing methods which render the tiny businesses and begin-ups at disadvantage.
  • Easy Analytics With digital marketing measuring the marketing efforts becomes very easy and quick. You’ll instantly see which strategy is functioning and which isn’t through Google Analytics, besides other aspects too like general trend, inbound traffic, conversion rate, interested audience, bounce rate and profit. This all makes the digital marketing vs. traditional marketing debate, highly unfair by putting the previous on the winning side by a good margin.

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Understanding Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is an approach during which marketers identify their audience and place ads where their audience will see, hear, or interact with them offline, like print ads, billboards, or television advertisements. Digital marketing is facilitated online and uses paid or organic ads on social media or search engines, also as email marketing, influencer marketing, and video marketing, to call a couple of.

There are a couple of disadvantages to traditional marketing. First, businesses have little to no interaction with the consumers they’re selling their products to in real-time. You can’t Twitter DM a Macy’s ad to ask if the grey duvet covers are going to be available in your store.

Some marketers also see traditional marketing as unreliable. You can’t edit a print ad once it’s out. So, if you recorded the incorrect percentage discount thereon sale radio ad you recorded, you can’t change it.


Traditional marketing remains sensible and important thanks to market certain businesses. But digital marketing is an increasingly important revenue driver. Businesses reported that half of the revenue is influenced by social selling.

Recently, 50% of marketers said they believe digital marketing has a foothold over traditional due to the interaction digital marketing opens with customers. 

Businesses can have full control of their audience growth and see real-time results of every facet of that campaign. And with inbound marketing, consumers find the business, not the opposite way around.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing depends on technology and, sometimes, technology breaks. When social media sites go down and a social media marketer has posts scheduled to travel live, the sole solution is to attend it out.

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Another issue social media sites have begun to face has got to do with security. Since the Facebook scandal during which the private information contained in 87 million profiles was leaked, other platforms have taken strict measures to form sure users’ information is private. But businesses need to confine mind the legalities of their marketing, too.

Every update to a social platform means a replacement learning curve for developers and marketers. These are curves that take the outing of your workday to find out and incorporate into future strategies.

Here is one more list that can help you identify Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Digital Marketing is additionally mentioned as Inbound Marketing and Traditional Marketing is additionally mentioned as Outbound Marketing. Here you’ll know everything about Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing. Since the previous few years, Marketing has changed tons. it is the sole industry that has made its mark in each and every corner of the business. More and more businesses have begun to believe in digital marketing to achieve their potential customers.

Which One is Right for You?

The digital marketing vs. traditional marketing debate is age-old and it’d be a subjective question to ask which one is that the proper for you. It depends upon your business type and needs. Watching the above differences, there’s no brainer that digital marketing is way better than traditional marketing.

If you’ve tried traditional marketing before and didn’t get the results you wanted, then you need to try digital marketing once. It is a less risky approach providing greater returns within a quick span of some time.

Do you need further assistance? If yes, then be happy to connect with us through the comment section below.

Can They Work Together?

In short, absolutely. It’s a debate as old as time, and thus the topic will still be debated for several years to return. But there’s a time and a neighborhood for both marketing strategies.

Let’s return thereto to Macy’s example. No, you can’t DM a Macy’s print ad, but you’ll follow them on socials and check-in for his or her automated emails. This way, the older woman who prefers flyers and coupons within the mail — like my mother — and her millennial daughter, who prefers social media marketing, receive a bit of equivalent information.

Traditional marketing to heighten digital marketing?

As an example, the classifieds section of your local Sun-Times paper might now include “For more information about this job, inspect our listing on Indeed.” The effect of this will be local applicants checking the paper for opportunities — then learning more online.

This topic shouldn’t last “To this whole business about digital business?” Alternatively, work “How can we practice both tactics to shut completely?” actually, some businesses may enjoy going a way or the other, but on the whole, both methods can thrive harmoniously.

We see and hear many of these ads each day just by listening of the radio on the because of working or even searching the window at the billboards as we pass. They’ve become an area of lifestyle.

These strategies are very fashionable today thanks to consumers’ frequent usage of the online and mobile devices. According to Statistic, there are 4.54 billion active internet users within the planet and three .8 billion active social media users. With numbers that prime, marketing online and thru social media makes plenty of sense.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

When comparing traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, traditional methods are often viewed as outdated or irrelevant. However, many of these tactics are still useful and effective today.

Depending on the business and audience, traditional marketing methods could even be the upper choice. To help discern if traditional marketing is true for your business, here are some pros and cons.


· If you’d wish to achieve an older demographic, traditional marketing is usually very effective. According to GlobeNewswire audiences ages 50+ spend almost twice the utmost amount of your time reading the newspaper and watching TV as compared to those ages 21-34.

  • This type of selling strategy usually works best for businesses looking to make a much bigger local audience. a touch business would be happier competing for attention through billboards, flyers, and events rather than trying to compete for digital space against larger businesses.
  • TV or radio commercials will play multiple times and remind the audience of the business, whereas digital marketing items could even be skipped through or blocked (e.g., clicking “I don’t require to discover these” these statements, knowledge, or leaping through advertisements before YouTube videos)


  • Printing postcards to send only to a neighborhood are often expensive, and there is no guarantee that the recipient is interested by your business or the service you offer.
  • Traditional marketing techniques can consider weeks or months to supply results and data. You can’t tell when someone has read your newspaper ad unless they decide to follow-up. Even then, without a survey, you won’t know if the ad was the rationale for the follow-up.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing pros and cons

Digital marketing strategies are always evolving with new technology and trends like voice search and social media usage. These strategies include the foremost modern and latest tactics. But, like traditional marketing, there are some areas where digital marketing thrives and others. where it doesn’t.

Prons and cons of Digital Marketing


  • Data and audience involvement are often tracked instantly. 
  • When someone clicks on a link to your site, reads an email, or follows you on social media, you’ve got that information immediately. 
  • You’ll draw numerous insights  from this data, including which sort of content works best for a selected audience, which mediums are the foremost effective, and even what time of day receives the simplest engagement.
  • Digital marketing strategies incur a way lower cost. Sending out an email campaign can save tons of cash compared to printing individual postcards and paying for postage on each
  • It works well for more global or scattered audiences due to the broad scope of digital marketing.


Some internet users have ad blockers, so they’ll never see pop-ups or banner ads. Other times, ads are often skipped or removed if a user pays for premium services (e.g., Spottily, Hulu, and Twitch).

  • · Because new technology and trends emerge so frequently, digital marketing tactics got to be evaluated and reevaluated for effectiveness continually what works well at some point maybe irrelevant subsequent. 
  • However, this will be combatted with regular training in digital marketing strategies.

Which One is better?

Digital Marketing

We must see which approach accomplishes while analyzing traditional marketing vs. digital marketing?

The short answer: it depends.

The long answer

Digital marketing is perhaps the simplest option for many. If you would like to succeed in a specific group of individuals, wherever they’ll be, while keeping costs low, accompany digital marketing. Doing so also will allow you to gather valuable information on your audience immediately in order that you’ll create even simpler marketing campaigns.

However, there’s still an area for traditional marketing. If you would like to succeed in an older audience or an area audience, traditional marketing methods could also be more productive and stand out better than digital marketing methods. Though these methods could seem “old,” the truth is that they’ve stuck around for a reason. They work!

When considering which marketing strategy is best for your business, consider your audience, where they get their information from, and use that to form your decision. When deciding between traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, it’s not necessarily true that one is just better than the opposite as they serve different purposes. Rock bottom line is that you simply got to fully understand your business and your audience to select the strategy that’s better for you.

Find what works for you

Ultimately both sorts of marketing have their benefits and downfalls, but the key’s understanding your specific marketing needs, considering your budget, and understanding your audience.

The moral of the story: both digital and traditional marketing can work for you, as long as you recognize what your audience wants.

Which type of marketing should you use?

The key to an excellent marketing campaign is to seek out the proper balance between traditional and digital. In 2020, digital marketing is the yin to traditional marketing’s yang. Both play a crucial role during a marketing strategy, but they’re each elevated when utilized in unison.

Take Guinness for instance. Their TV commercials are infamous due to their unique and powerful cinematography. Over 20 years later, Guinness’s classic 1999 ‘Surfer’ campaign remains one among the simplest and best TV commercials of all time.

However, even with this legendary status, Guinness still need to move with the days and incorporate digital marketing into their strategy in order that they don’t miss out on some huge marketing opportunities

In order to succeed in a broader and younger audience, Guinness recently expanded its digital marketing horizons by making video content specifically for Facebook and Instagram.

Instead of just reformatting their TV commercials, they filmed their campaigns as social-first videos by composing the shots specifically with both Facebook and Instagram in mind. The videos were specifically targeted to the audiences that they had in mind.

The result was a visually stunning and impactful social media campaign about Compton cowboys caring for his or her horses in California. Perfectly trendy and sharable Instagram fodder.

In order to succeed in a broader and younger audience, Guinness recently expanded its digital marketing horizons by making video content specifically for Facebook and Instagram. Instead of just reformatting their TV commercials, they filmed their campaigns as social-first videos by composing the shots specifically with both Facebook and Instagram in mind. The videos were specifically targeted to the audiences that they had in mind.

The result was a visually stunning and impactful social media campaign about Compton cowboys caring for his or her horses in California. 

Want to urge into the Exciting Field of Digital Marketing?

While traditional marketing still features a place, let’s be clear, digital marketing is that the future. Younger generations like Gen Z haven’t known a time without smartphones, and that they are beginning to enter the workforce—backed another generation that will be even more digital. 

The very fact is that each company and brand needs a digital marketing strategy to survive in today’s world, so there are many digital Marketing Career opportunities. If you’re curious about joining this exciting field, inspect Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program, which provides comprehensive training on everything you would like to understand to thrive.

Decision Time: Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

We would hope we’ve convinced you with data and facts that digital marketing is definitely the way to advertise as a small business. If you’ve already tried traditional marketing before and haven’t seen the rapid growth results you wanted, then give digital marketing a shot. There is little risk and great reward. That’s not a combo you see often in the business world.

Our experts can even take off a little of the pressure. They do all the work for you. All you have to do is stay informed and approve the material. 

At LIFE Marketing, we take the worry out of your online advertising and digital marketing which allows you to focus on other areas of business that need your undivided attention.

Many entrepreneurs need to carefully manage a decent marketing budget. Examining the pros and cons of traditional vs. digital marketing can help a savvy business owner decide the way to maximize precious marketing dollars. 

When sizing up many traditional advertising avenues like newspaper and radio ads against web and social media campaigns, digital marketing wins in most categories with prospects that are computer-adept. 

Digital marketing may be low cost, fast, great for brand reinforcement, non-intrusive, pervasive, engaging, easy to deliver, and straightforward to research. 


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