DevOps Courses are in high demand, as DevOps engineers receive excellent salaries. Therefore before landing a DevOps job, you must have the necessary expertise and skills.

DevOps certifications and training courses from a reputed institution can guarantee a promising DevOps career. They will guide you through demonstrating DevOps expertise, regardless of your background.

Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for DevOps courses where you can acquire knowledge with an updated curriculum.

What is DevOps?

 DevOps is a methodology that focuses on teaming up between IT engineers and developers. When an organization fosters the DevOps concept, IT engineers and developers work closely together to decide the software developed, deployed and expected problems that may arise after deployment. Moreover, they resolved the problems and informed the next development cycle.

Top 12 DevOps Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

DevOps Training Courses will guide you to proficiency in understanding all aspects of the DevOps Engineer Job. Moreover, students will strengthen their knowledge in DevOps skills such as delivery, deployment and continuous integration, and many more. 

Grasp knowledge of different DevOps tools like Git, SVN, Docket Swarm, etc.

Key Highlight

  •  Practical-based training from the industry
  • Internship opportunity to gain practical exposure to DevOps training.
  •  Job assistance for one year after completing the course
  • Global credential as a DevOps trained professional
  • Regular boot camps for one year
  • E-access to upgraded tools, assignments, video material and techniques, and many more
  • One year gold membership in HENRY HARVINⓇ FINANCE ACADEMY
  • Grooming with  more than five soft skills courses that help you to increase your employability
  • Free participation in Hackathons and other competitions. 
  • Live projects: Helps to understand practical aspects of DevOps tools and methods.
  • Unique pedagogy:  focused on action-oriented programs and numerous activities like presentations, hands-on projects, brainstorming sessions, group activities, etc. 
  • Appointed by international brands like Oracle, American Express, Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, and many more 
  • Improve your CV and Linkedin profile
  • Opportunity to earn a certificate from government recognized institution.

Course Fees: 22500 with EMI facility

Course Duration: 32 Hrs

2. Star Agile

StarAgile delivers unbeatable DevOps training in collaboration with IBM.  Furthermore, they offer 100% placement assistance. StarAgile started its institution in 2016, besides StarAgile has 130 training faculty and has trained over 100,000 students.

 Topics like the SDLC, LINUX administration, DevOps market trends, delivery pipeline, ecosystem, etc., are covered. DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes are also included. So, industry-worthy candidates can land a high-paying job with hands-on training of six months, projects, and certificates.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs

3. Intellipaat

Intellipat is an institute famous for providing students with very affordable training.  At the same time, they deliver high-quality content, training pedagogy, and job assistance.

 Intellipaat has designed its DevOps training course simply and effectively. 

Course Duration: 32 Hrs

4. Apponix Technologies

 Apponix Technologies is a Bangalore-based DevOps training institute. All their trainers have experience of more than seven years. Also, they have a dedicated student portal for all the students. Moreover, they have a world-class lab infrastructure for their students. 

 Moreover, you will cover topics like SDLC, Agile methodologies, and LINUX administration.

Course Duration: 32 Hrs

 5. Besant Technologies DevOps Courses

Besant Technologies has its main branches in Chennai and Bangalore. However, it has global recognition and a branch in the USA.

Here, you can get your DevOps certification once you complete your course. DevOps courses have infrastructure automation, continuous testing, integration, and monitoring. Further, you will get 20 hours of live projects. Finally, Besant technologies have flexible session timings. 

Course Duration: 32 Hrs

6. OMNi Tech Masters

OMNi Tech ensures quality education in their institution. So it’s a Hyderabad-based institution famous for DevOps courses.

They have experts in IT to train their students. Moreover, they will guild you in building your resume and make you ready to appear for an interview. Despite this, they continuously assess their students with mock test and provides backup classes.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs

7. 3RI Technologies DevOps Courses

3RI Technologies is a leading online/ classroom training institution in Pune. Moreover, here you will get a certificate and job assistance. Certainly, they mainly focus on practical-based learning and exposure to actual situation training through projects.

 Course Duration: 8 weeks

8. VR IT Solution -DevOps Courses

VR IT Solution is a global reputed online training institution famous for its students’ high-quality training, affordable fees, and also personal attention.

They have top-notch faculty across the industry from IIMs, and IITs backgrounds.

Moreover, you will get Industry relevant curriculum with practical sessions and Live projects. 

Course Duration: 60 Days

9. Radical Technologies

It is an institution for training in administration and software development courses. Hence, Radical offer online and offline mode of a classroom.

You can get a well-versed syllabus with practical training for the candidates. Further, all the topics DevOps are covered and make you ready to get your dream job. A recognized certificate at the end of the course expects to get from the institution.

Course Duration: 2.5 Months

10. COSS PRODEVANS- DevOps Courses

COSS is  EDTECH and a learning center for various IT and ITES job-oriented courses. So You will get an opportunity to get an international certificate of DevOps professionals.

This institution has faculty all around the globe. Further, the curriculum is handcrafted by the faculty of this institution. 

 Course Duration: 8 weeks

11. Digital Lync

Digital Lync has the handpicked and industry-approved DevOps course. So get certified by the best DevOps training institution. 

Moreover, they offer 20 industry-based projects for the students to get practical training knowledge.

Course Duration: 60 Days

12. DevOps TechLab 

It is an Ahmedabad-based DevOps training institute. All their trainers have experience of more than twelve years. Also, they have a dedicated student portal for all the students. Moreover, they have a world-class lab infrastructure for their students. 

Course Duration: 60 Days


Therefore, get certified in DevOps today to support corporates and their IT departments. In addition, they deliver outstanding value amidst constantly changing needs. Thus DevOps courses will help you work closely on Software Development and IT to increase a company’s productivity.

Hope this article provides all the details you need to decide your best institution to enroll for DevOps Courses in India.


What are the infrastructure management tools in DevOps?

Ans: Some of the best management tools are
1. Linux Basics
2. AWS Basic
3. Microsoft Azure
4. GCP

What is the salary package of DevOps professionals?

Ans: Generally, as a fresher, you can expect a salary package of 4 lakh, with an experience minimum of 7 lakh

Do all the listed institutions provide certificates?

Ans: Yes, all the institutions will provide you with a certificate once you complete your course.

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