Hi, My name is Neha. I chose the Henry Harvin institute for my ACCA exam preparation. My trainer Ms Fatima focused on application-based preparation. It’s a wonderful course that will enable you to enjoy a great career as an Accountant. 

It’s not an easy task to achieve, but with diligence, taking into consideration all the benefits attached, you will surely get there. ACCA is the most impressive Accounting criterion in the world, it contains an arrangement of subjects that empower you to propel your proficient career

The ACCA gives the hardest and the best Accounting capability. Studying with Henry Harvin for the ACCA helped me realize and apply the best of my potential. The ACCA proficiency demonstrates to employers that you have the capacity in all parts of business and Accounting. 

It is the biggest and quickest developing skill on the planet, with more than 400,000 individuals and students in approximately 160 nations

It has international and Indian recognition. If you are planning to stay here or go overseas to work, eventually Henry Harvin’s ACCA course has you covered. Another benefit of doing ACCA is the Lack of restrictions when it comes to jobs. You can work with jobs concerning financial management, with wealth creation markets like stock market jobs, corporate jobs and also you can start your own business. 

There are so many things you can do with this qualification. The teaching staff and the student advisor are amazing, friendly and very helpful. The application procedure was a child’s-play to finish and there is dependable help at whatever point required.

Henry Harvin has world-class tutors. All of the tutors are enthusiastic and rankers themselves and have produced rank-holding students many times. They make the subjects appealing and engaging with practical examples. All important materials are given to make the journey from classes to tests simpler. 

These are very exam focused material which is amazing as compared to reading thousands of books. These materials are created based on what comes in the exams. Henry Harvin offers amazing support to the students.

I highly recommend Henry Harvin for the ACCA course. Thank you so much for your support. Now I feel so confident to face the exam.

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