I have always been interested in writing and literature. This passion led me to take humanities in 11th grade. But I did not want to stay limited to any particular genre of writing. So I took all the writing courses available on Henry Harvin’s website. This Research Writing Course is another on my list. Regardless of my lack of knowledge in research, I was interested in this course. And there is no harm in a little bit of extra knowledge, right?!

The first thing that surprised me was that research writing had many genres. This is the first kind of writing that has so many facets in itself. The vocabulary used for this writing was different and more professional. The first research I wrote during this course was not perfect. But my trainer explained every fault and even gave me pointers on how to improve my writing. With those confident boosters, I found myself building on the topic and grasping every important detail. Though the practical experience was less, the assignments really helped me keep up with the concepts. There were brush-up sessions to keep all the knowledge gained contained within us. Anyone paying attention and focusing will easily be able to conquer the techniques.

The valuable certificate was an important part of the program. My friends were impressed with my progress, so much so that they enrolled for the course themselves. The modules delivered were industry-relevant teaching. So I could now feel myself achieving my goals and moving on my path to success.

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