I am a housewife. I stopped working after my marriage. Since 2019 I have been thinking about applying But I was not so sure. I was very nervous. Hence to get back in the field and understand all new technologies I looked for a course online. Due to the pandemic, I had a lot of time available. One of my old friends suggested I should take the Financial Analytics with R course by Henry Harvin. 

This would be perfect for my job and interest. We all know a very wide range of industries depends on analysts to carve smart future moves. Hence I thought this would be the best course provided by Henry Harvin as it covers everything. Being a potentially high-earning field I opted for Financial Analytics Certification Course and upskill myself to secure the advantages.

It was difficult in the beginning. But the trainer was really nice. Even the complete team by Henry Harvin was amazing. They helped me a lot. They worked at my pace. I took the 32 hours of training along with the 50 hours of E-Learning Access. It all was great. They made learning fun. I practiced a lot of projects. 

They give small tests every now and then to make sure trainees are learning. I have now updated my resume. I am now eligible for demanding analytics jobs. I can get back in my field. This course has opened doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization in the same. I would request others to give it a try and see for themselves. I speak from experience. Thank you team for changing my life.

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