I am a final-year MBA student. I took engineering as my bachelor’s degree and then chose MBA to be a CEO later in the life of my own company. Due to coronavirus, everything was turned upside down. In order to make sure that I pass with flying colors from my college, I had to submit a really interesting major project. I tore my mind for inspiration. Later I found an idea but I didn’t have the skills and knowledge to build it. 

After searching online I found Henry Harvin providing different courses. I read the reviews and I liked the idea of taking a course from them. I found the Financial Analytics with R course by Henry Harvin would be perfect for the skills I would need. Hence I enrolled myself. I could not believe the level of education they provide. The mentor was extremely good. I enjoyed their way of teaching. It was accessible all the time. The mentor made sure everyone was on the same page of learning. 

After spending many hours in training sessions I learned a lot. It was worth every penny I spent. I got to work on different projects as well. This helped in practicing as well before my major project for college. Now I have a deep-rooted knowledge and grasp of the programming language R and advanced excel. I understood the analytical-based financial decision-making to drive a company’s ROI. I can now take actionable data-driven decisions to increase market share. The course even helped me in adjusting to macro changes in predictive models. Overall I really had fun learning everything. And I would highly recommend everyone to take the course.

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