Lately, I have completed my bachelor’s degree. I got selected to Stanford for an MBA course. In the very first summer course, I found students who are already there know more than me about everything. The summer had a project for 3 credits. I could not afford to lose those. I was really worried. My friends suggested I should try the course by Henry Harvin Coaching Institute. I looked and read the reviews about different courses. The concept of a certified program was extremely beneficial to me.

Now every business generates loads and loads of financial data. I had to make the project over that data. I did not know the art of curating financial data analysis. The Financial Analytics with R course helped me in combining internal and external financial information. It was very essential. The program helped me in deriving logical inferences, predictive insights and improved my decision-making.

 I needed all the skills and knowledge about it. I explored and analyzed all the marketing problems. I even solved the business problems using analytics tools like R & Advanced excel. I have got a good grasp of R and excel with everything. Side by side I worked on many different projects. I uploaded them to my github. I have even received a certificate. I have updated my resume. I got 3 credits for my course. I am very happy. I highly recommend the course to each and every student out there. Henry Harvin has changed my point of view about financial analytics right away.

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