The business industry is ever changing and grows faster than any other industry in terms of trends and latest techniques. I had long ago decided to move forward with Business Intelligence as my career option and had chosen it as my higher education. Over the lockdown period I took my time to research various online courses to find something that was going to enrich my skills and nurture them for industrial development. Henry Harvin was offering one of the most sought after courses of Business Intelligence. I enrolled myself immediately for the Power BI certification course and saw the results in no time.

              I had experience of online courses and generally found myself losing interest and focus after a few hours or maybe days. But the presentation of this course was remarkably interesting and attention seeking. Every detail was extremely important and was explained with dedication and enthusiasm. I must mention my trainor. She was very well acquainted with the topic and never rushed with the concepts. Each student was attended to and all the doubts were cleared in the brush-up sessions. Perfect guided project if you want to get yourself familiarized with working knowledge of PowerBI maybe for a specific task.

                This course is perfect with modules which impart essential knowledge along with developing curiosity and interest. All the live projects were essentially helpful for the students who are genuinely interested in the upliftment of their skills. I would definitely recommend this course to every student determined to make their career in Business Intelligence.


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