Are you thinking about becoming a freelance writer? Well, you can if you are irresistibly drawn to writing and are looking for a part-time (or full-time) career in writing!

“Many aspiring writers with post-graduation degree are choosing to freelance as a career. The perks include flexible working hours, diverse writing gigs, work from any location, and a decent payout.”
 – Nidhi Jain, Content Manager.

 Sounds delightful!!! 
The career is certainly enjoyable as it gives you an opportunity to self-inspect real-world topics but not without some backbreaking research. If you know what “No gain, without pain” means, brace yourself for the flipside of this absolutely rewarding career. Read on as we describe some truths from the daily life of a freelance writer: 
Truth#1: You have a non-glamorous, sedentary job that involves self-thinking and seclusion.
 Contrary to the fallacious picture painted by movies, a freelance writer doesn’t live the life of a carefree person, enjoying materialistic pleasures and spilling any thoughts that come to mind on paper. In fact, freelance writing is a constant battle against plagiarism, deadline, poor internet connectivity, and shrinking pay structures. 

“You have to spend a lot of time thinking in silence, assimilating your thoughts, checking the facts, and crafting a piece that catches attention instantly. That’s definitely a lot of work.” 
– Rohit Sood, Content Analyst

Truth#2: Your client’s interest determines what you write.

If you are just starting out as a writer, you might not have the luxury of choosing the assignments. 

“You have to take up whatever is offered to you and do your best to compose an engaging, convincing, and errorless piece right on the deadline.”
 – Ghanshyam Rathi, Freelance Writer

The topic requirement may vary from anygthing like – 

  • The things to eat before exam
  • A destination wedding on a shoestring budget
  • Gold jewellery trends
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Wine tasting events

The best way to write an impressive piece on any topic is to be curious about it and dedicate yourself to creating an excellent assignment.
Truth#3: You have to work really hard to make a living

As a beginner, you might find it really hard to make ends meet without some other job on hand. You will have to look for other reliable income sources to supplement your writing pay before you land well-paying writing jobs.

“It is unrealistic to expect freelance writing to take care of all your expenses right from the start. At least there is no beginners luck in this career. The fresher you are the, harder you have to work.” 
– Md. Samim, Freelancer

You can start with writing your own blog and work your way up by making connections and dabbling in online writing gigs. 

Truth#4: You have to be vigilant about your health and work.
 As tempting as it may sound, working from home has its own downsides.  Since you spent a lot of time thinking, writing and staring at the computer, you have to self-discipline yourself. Take short breaks, rest your eyes, look out of the window (yes, that’s one lovely break!), and eat well. 

In the absence of a real boss and support team, you have to take care of your accounting, taxes, and insurance also. Keep yourself informed of your legal rights.

“Looking up about how you can protect yourself in issues related to the payment, legal liability and plagiarism will help you get your writing career off the ground.” 
– Rajan Thakur, Content Writer.

Freelancing can be an exciting and satisfying career provided that you keep your eyes open to the truths and roadblocks in the life of a freelancer.

Who is a freelance writer?

A freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis. They can work for just one magazine or, multiple clients at the same time.
To excel in your field of work, try opting for some good online content writing course which would help you develop your content writing skills.

Is it difficult to become a freelance writer?

Freelance writing is a non-glamorous, sedentary job that involves self-thinking and seclusion. They do not have the luxury of choosing the assignments, they have to work hard to make a living.

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