SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. It was created as a group of methods and applications. All members of the contemporary world have widely used the SAP outlet for the modern world, as technology is accumulating and developing promptly across the globe. 

Therefore, a wide span of job alternatives is available for SAP Developers, Implementation Consultants, and Solution Developers. In expansion, SAP proficiency occupants have always been in high demand by top-rated MNCs like IBM, and Wipro. 

However, changing modules will heighten salaries. Your income will rise to 7-10 lakhs per year as you increase experience instead of 3-4 lakhs as a fresher. Relying on components such as knowledge and the projects you worked on, such as income, it fluctuates. Your option of modules will also affect your salary.

Moreover, when it comes to learning SAP HANA modules from a top-notch association in India, you need to gaze at India’s top SAP HANA training institutes.

Besides, the technical and functional SAP HANA areas are in huge demand. According to Glassdoor, the average income for SAP HANA is $240,000. The average income for modules such as SAP SLM and SAP MDM is 125,000 $ annually.

SAP FICO Course Training

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Therefore, a deficit of SAP professionals has ensued from the improved use of SAP. As an outcome, SAP HANA training institutes in India procure hands-on training. You should look at these institutes if you live in India and are enthusiastic about learning SAP HANA.

Based on the trait of training offered by these institutes, this list has been gathered for you to choose the best institute for yourself. 

Top 10 SAP HANA Courses in Bangalore are as follow-

1. Henry Harvin ERP Academy

henry harvin logo

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

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Henry Harvin Education is an organization based in Noida, India. The organization was founded in 2013 by Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Henry Harvin Education. As part of the pandemic, Henry Harvin began a new initiative called “Ask Henry” where individuals could ask questions about upskilling, career development, job scenarios, and holistic development.

Professional and technical credentials are provided by Henry Harvin Education, a pioneer in India. For many years, faculty at the institute has recognized that academic courses do not meet industry demands.

This is why Henry Harvin offers courses that help students and professionals enhance their portfolios.

Professionals with both emerging and experienced backgrounds can utilize these courses to explore untapped markets that require specific skills and domain knowledge.

Henry Harvin’s courses in are among the best. For example, the SAP FICO course explains in detail how the software functions. Henry Harvin also provides SAP Integrated Module Training in addition to SAP FICO Training.

What Makes Henry Harvin a Standout SAP HANA Training Institute In India?

Moreover, there are various reasons why Henry Harvin is one of India’s prime SAP HANA training institutes.

Therefore, there are multiple aspects of Henry Harvin’s SAP training courses documented on their website, including training procedures, skilled instructors, mentoring strategies, lifetime support, affiliate certification, and live webinars.

Duration Of Course-

During the 44-hour course, an educator will supervise the learners in real-time. Participants participate in the Bootcamp for 24 hours after they have finalized the online training. Besides, nominees can take infinite classes taught by an assortment of educators during the year.

Procedure Of Training-

Below are the SAP training methods:

  • The momentum at which you finalize the training is completely up to you
  • Online training using actual classrooms
  • Case studies are based on real-life understandings


The average experience of Henry Harvin’s trainers is 12 years. Numerous training partners and organizations have recognized their instructors over the years. These organizations currently employ Henry Harvin Finance Academy instructors.

Projects And Internships-

Aspirants learn about business projects as part of the SAP HANA Certified Training. By procuring logical experience, the internship program also equips aspirants for employment in the field.

Alumni Status And Placements

Henry Harvin’s SAP HANA course is entailed with the SAP training program, along with a 100% placement guarantee. In expansion, alumni configurations throughout the world assist learners in disclosing jobs.

Does The Course Need Any Provisions?

Anyone enthusiastic in the financial industry can take SAP HANA training online at this site. Despite the lack of specific prerequisites, students who are most likely to succeed in this course are:

  • Executives in the financial industry
  • Those looking for work with SAP FICO
  • Employees of the finance department
  • Obtaining a degree
  • Finance generalists
  • You can become a finance professional even if you don’t have any experience
  • Graduates of bachelor’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees in science, bachelor’s degrees in commerce, and master’s degrees.

The SAP Industry Professional Certificate Program offers six main domain courses in English. They are:

1) SAP FICO S/4 HANA course:

To know financial analysis and control, learners should take SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) courses. In addition, SAP FICO software will be taught on the S/4 HANA server. This course involves 13 modules and two corresponding modules. The fee is 29,500 rupees. 

2) SAP FICO ECC course

The course teaches partakers how to use SAP software on the ECC server for analysis and control. The syllabus involves 13 modules and two complementary modules. Enrollment costs 22,500 rupees. 

3) SAP MM HANA course

There is a prominent institute in India where you can earn SAP MM certification: Henry Harvin. The syllabus involves 15 modules, including two complementary modules. The course fee is 29,500 rupees. 

4) SAP HR training

This module incorporates the functions of Personnel Administration (PI), Organizational Management (OM), Time Payroll Management, Time Management, Recruitment, Training, Events, and Travel Management. These two modules complement each other. The fee of enrollment is Rs 22500.

5) SAP HANA Courses Online

SAP HANA is a relational database that SAP SE implements in memory and is a clustered database. Twelve modules are accessible. The cost was 22,500 rupees.

6) Training on SAP ABAP

The language includes nine modules, two of which are free. Course fees are 29,500 rupees.

Additional to the inner courses, the diploma program offers 10 domains, including:

  • SAP MM ECC course
  • SAP BO training course
  • SAP simple finance course
  • SAP BASIS course
  • SAP PP training course
  • SAP CRM training course
  • SAP SD training course
  • SAP BW course
  • SAP security training course
  • SAP success factors courses

SAP course highlights-

  • Expertise of faculty
  • Live projects and internships
  • 100% placement assistance
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Training that is 100 per cent practical
  • Governed by the Indian government
  • SAP specialists with knowledge can earn six-digit incomes

2. Quickxpert Infotech

QuickXpert Infotech logoQuickxpert Infotech is one of the apex SAP HANA training providers in India. The organization offers training and placement, as well as consulting and software advancement.  In 2014, hundreds of software courses were taught, and thousands of learners were educated.

Features include-

  • SAP HANA Courses wraps SAP MM, SAP SD, and other integrated modules.
  • Therefore, the SAP HANA syllabus wraps the Business process, financial etc.
  • Students with accounting backgrounds or professional experience in the field may enrol in this course.
  • They offer SAP FICO online and live courses as well as classroom training in Bangalore.
  • There are also study materials and live projects available.
  • These SAP FICO courses are among the best because 80 per cent of the instruction is practical.
  • After finalizing the course, learners will also be capable of placement assistance.

3. AIMS Institute Of Management Studies 

AIMS Institute Of Management Studies  logoIt offers SAP HANA courses formulated to fulfil the requirements of numerous learners of the era by keeping up with the worldwide technology needs of the business world. Hence, trusting and depending on one of the most prominent and trusted organizations of the time is a cakewalk. 

Features include-

  • There is a 52-week course functional.
  • As an outcome of finalizing the course, you will obtain an internationally acknowledged certification that will enable you to increase job opportunities internationally.
  • Moreover, the organization offers internships and placements to learners.
  • Many pupils find the key components captivating and helpful are case studies, equipment, and logical business lessons.
  • AIMS assures that you will earn the best SAP HANA Courses in India. 

4. Inventateq

Inventateq logoThis is the fourth prominent expansion to our list of the best SAP HANA online courses. It is a highly regarded institution that will provide significantly to your job and educational experience. 

Therefore, Inventateq is placing itself to provide SAP HANA courses that fulfil the growing demand for SAP HANA training.

Besides, here are some features –

  • It offers SAP HANA courses and equipment customized to an individual’s certain needs.
  • To help nominees understand the course, demo classes are given for free.
  • Nominees receive hands-on SAP HANA training through numerous live projects.
  • Each of the streams in the course can be selected by the learner based on their dividends.
  • Nominees will earn an in-depth awareness of ERP through an easy training configuration.
  • On their website, you can discover more information about registration and other issues. 

5. ATOS SAP HANA Training Centre 

atos logoThe SAP HANA training centre at ATOS is giving rise to a name for itself by giving a wide array of integrity SAP HANA courses. 

Therefore, learners always mention the outlet, which is worth the investment. HANA Learners have several alternatives to learn from the SAP training centre, one of the most significant saps in HANA learning platforms. 

In addition, you earn several advantages and significant benefits from attending the course at the Atos Sap HANA training centre. It has been acknowledged by many prestigious companies in India and overseas as a Best SAP Education Partner.

Features include-

  • SAP HANA training institute in India is considered as one of the best institutes 
  • The training methods include instructor-led, online, and basic labs.
  • SAP is affiliated with the foundation
  • Their SAP HANA training is delivered by skilled specialists from Europe, Germany, Asia, and various SAP-rich nations.
  • Ensures that the nominee understands SAP Company provisions and importance, readying them for an interview.
  •  For more knowledge and enrollment-related issues, visit their website. 


ACTE logoACTE has an adequate stance and an ultimate position in the IT-Software Sector. Scheduling, controlling, coordinating, and encouraging an institution is important. The coordinators conform to all topics, lectures, difficulties, and verdicts.

Moreover, the lecturers will motivate learners, job seekers, and global employees. Learners will earn adequate feedback. Internet access, air conditioning, and UPS systems are accessible 24 hours a day. 

Features include-

  • This organization offers beginner and advanced SAP HANA courses.
  • The training takes place over 40 hours and involves more hands-on knowledge.
  • It has educated and placed over 12402 learners with at least seven years of knowledge in their respective domains. The majority of its personnel are employed by global corporations.
  • The LMS is available to learners for life.
  • SAP specialists formulate their courses
  • Freshers and working experts receive 100% placement assistance.
  • As well as SAP HANA and progressed concepts, you will learn about business best practices.
  • Skilled trainers provide the training and laboratory facilities.
  • Learners need to finalize 70% of the SAP HANA course material & be equipped for face-to-face interviews to coordinate the interviews.

7. RIA Institute Of Technology 

Ria Institute of Technology logoIn India, it is among the top 10 SAP HANA training institutes. Despite its quick development, the institute concedes SAP’s effect. SAP HANA training can be offered in various methods: instructor-led training, real classroom, and online training.

Key features-

  • Learners, specialists, and corporate nominees have access to classroom, online, and corporate training.
  • Also, they offer SAP ABAP training as well as HR, MM, and FICO.
  • Nominees increase ideational and logical understanding from assignments.
  • It has fulfilled nominees with an appetite for SAP proficiency for 10 years.
  • In the institute, learners are placed in the most respected corporations 100% of the time.

8. Tirupati Institute Of Management 

Tirupati Institute Of Management  logoThe AICTE-approved Tirupati Institute of Management in Pune offers SAP HANA courses with multinational domains. According to the mentioned data, learners who finalize SAP programs at Tirupati Institute of Management will be permitted by over 296000 corporations located in 190 nations. 

Also, programs here are instructed with ultimate care so that students can enter prestigious corporations of their preference. 

Features include-

  • Learners are brought to enrol and examine here because of its substantial syllabus, advanced faculties, skill improvement, theory in practice, and placement assistance.

9. SEED SAP HANA Training Academy 


SEED INFO TECH logoDistant from SAP partner training, Seed offers a variety of SAP courses that are always updated and refined. 

There are many courses available here.

Key Features-

  • Three learning techniques are available in this environment: instructor-led training, online training, and basic classroom training.
  • Since SAP is one of the most sought-after classes in current years, SEED provides all the accessible procedures to help learners accomplish.
  • Having a skilled SAP trainer assist and counsel you here will help you learn SAP HANA in the best apparent way.
  • On their website, you can discover more information about registration and other issues. 

10. ICA Edu Skills 

ICA Edu Skills logoLearners were also procured with placement service. In reaction to the desire for ‘skilled labour’ in the trade, top firms, and international organizations are contributing.

Therefore, the promising training institute in India has become ICA after renovating thousands of jobs and shifting judgments of analysis, finance, and tax pedagogy.

Moreover, over 200 training centres are located in the leading training institutes in India. Several industries and companies admire the work they do. 

Features Include-

  • Bachelor’s degree in job administration, business management, or a similar field is liked but not needed.
  • ICA Edu Skills SAP HANA Courses will educate you on accounting using the most beneficial techniques.
  • Therefore, they are acquiring a market-oriented strategy.
  • Professional certifications available
  • Getting to know through action

Finding A Job?

SAP HANA specialists make high earnings for the following reasons:

Many job seekers are interested in SAP certifications because they offer a high salary. SAP consultants have a wide range of alternatives, as it is the most widely used ERP network. 

Therefore, due to the extensive use of SAP in large companies, SAP specialists have a bright future. SAP consultants earn more than other IT experts for a variety of reasons:

1. Demand for SAP specialists is high-

There are several SAP HANA specialists but not sufficiently skilled, qualified, and trained SAP experts to match this number, directing to an increase in demand for SAP experts. For this reason, corporations expect to pay prime salaries for qualified SAP consultants.

2. The demand-to-supply ratio- 

Demand is low when supply is high, and vice versa, according to allowance and demand dynamics. Enterprises are lacking SAP professionals when it comes to SAP HANA. 

3. Enhancing businesses’ return on investment-

To boost their return on investment (ROI) over the duration and regulate the expenditures effectively, corporations pay SAP specialists a higher salary.

4. The task at hand is-

The SAP specialist is the major member of any alliance, so they should conduct challenging tasks that refine their abilities and stimulate their growth. A single omission can occur in billions of dollars in lost dividends in SAP consulting. SAP specialists are therefore highly rewarded.

5. SAP execution in huge corporations-

The majority of SAP enactments are carried out in huge corporations or enterprises with high appropriations as opposed to small firms. This is because large companies can afford to offer their workers a higher salary package than small companies. 

6. A person’s academic background- 

According to contemporary research, education and capability play a huge role in employee income growth. Thus, your resume will be more outstanding if you have SAP HANA knowledge.


Selecting the right organization at the right time is important for getting the most significance for money. According to my analysis, Henry Harvin is the adequate and reasonable option among India’s top 10 SAP HANA training institutes. 

Therefore, SAP HANA specialists can cross-train with SAP S/4HANA finance, business planning, business intelligence, and financial assistance. This procures SAP HANA specialists with enormous alternatives for career development.

Therefore there are people out there who strive to find adequate courses to enrol in, it’s exciting to be able to get a list of the best SAP HANA courses you can believe in and rely on. 

Moreover, with the aid of this chunk of information, I hope you have found acknowledgements to your issues. 

Appreciation for reading! I hope you like it! Best of luck to you!

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