Top 12 PMP certification courses in Pune will provide the offline and online training needed for the PMP course. In fact, the PMP certification course in Pune will train the students with the practical knowledge to clear the exam and then become PMP Certified professionals. Furthermore, this course is suitable for project engineers who are in positions in the project management field.

What’s more, This top 12 PMP certification course in Pune is also beneficial for individuals who like to develop a career in project management. Indeed, The major institutes provide online and offline training for PMP Certification Courses, in Pune. Despite this, the PMP  certification course is a complete program, which will aid the learners in preparing for this certification course. 

Nevertheless, the PMP certification course in Pune is a  program designed by industry experts for aspirants who wish to get project management certification. Definitely, Most Working professionals feel it challenging to prepare the study materials and also dedicated time to self-study for the PMP exam. Indeed, Professionals can obtain training at a famous institute in Pune. Moreover, many training institutes provide PMP courses with certification and placement assistance.

Top 12 PMP Certification Courses In Pune

PMP Courses

1. HENRY HARVIN PMP Certification Course

 Without a doubt, the PMP certification bestowed by Henry Harvin Education exhibits project managers’ complete knowledge as well as skills. similarly, its certification encourages its students to reach excellent positions in various divisions such as manufacturing,  finance, IT, Healthcare, etc.

 Of course, this academy has internationally renowned and also certified PMP trainers with 9-plus years of industry experience. Indeed, Henry Harvin academy has trained 900 students worldwide. Despite this, the course’s aim is to enhance strategic and also business knowledge. Hence, it also helps to earn advanced experts in resources,  values, projects, schedules, and risk management. Likewise, It helps the individual eligible for jobs across the world. 

The Key features of the PMP certification course in Pune

  • Nevertheless, online and offline training sessions with 90 hours 
  • Indeed, it assists 100 placement
  • Of course, it provides access to E-learning which includes various tools and methods that are related to subjects.

Moreover, the candidates receive practical projects on PMP and internship assistance and also Bootcamp sessions.

As I have noted, This Henry Harvin Academy offers government-approved certification in PMP.




Invensis Learning training institute provides both offline and online training. Further, project management offers PMI-authorized certification programs. Addition to, this training institution is one of the best institutes to provide PMP certification courses in Pune. Emphatically, flashcards and quizzes, make learning easy. certainly, Invensis learning institute provides the needed skills and techniques which are expected of PMP professionals. As I said, the curriculum incorporates  PM concepts, project scope and schedule management, Quality management, Project integration management, and project cost. certainly, this course includes internal evaluation and extended learning.

3. SKILLOGIC Academy PMP Certification Course in Pune 

Skillogic academy is a flexible training academy in PMP certification courses in Pune. Emphatically,  Skillogic academy has an incorporated learning model with three modes of training live-online, classroom, and self-paced learning. In fact, it is one of the best characteristics that make Skillogic academy apart is its case-study-based training. The special part of skillogic academy is that aspirants get real-life experiences in problem-solving. And so. The methods learned will be exercised for the best learning outcome.   

 Equally important, after completing this PMP course, the aspirants will get a 35 contact hours (PDU) Certificate. Furthermore, skip logic academy with skilled and excellent trainers provides 24×7 customer support to their learners. In fact, we can pick a suitable mode to pursue a certification as a PMP professional.

4. SYBEX-PMP Certification course in Pune

  • Certainly, it is best for working professionals as it offers a learning consult that meets in real time. In fact, Sybex offers special bite-sized training to support the students in understanding the concept. Indeed, the pmp course offers  30-minute videos which are related to 14 hours of chapters. All the chapter of the PMP course contains the PMPexam format and scoring needs. Furthermore, it has 1000 practice questions, mock exams, and a feedback report which would help the candidates to self-assess themselves.
  • However, this institution‘s courses are cloud-based. The learners can practice on their own computers at their own pace. Furthermore, the pages can be stored and even bookmarks can be done. Nevertheless, it caters to a mobile app that can be accessed with the PMP Exam platinum review course.


 Prom Academy is on our list of top PMP certification courses in Pune, Pro pm academy provides   PMP courses online and offline. In fact, the course duration is four full days. This academy has well-experienced and skilled trainers for the best learning outcomes. Hence, this academy will observe solving dynamic project situations such as managing risks, project constraints, stakeholders, etc.


Staragile Academy is a reputed institute that delivers PMP certification courses in Pune. Indeed, it carries the best domain experts to frame this course. Of course, Staragile provides 35 hours of live virtual training made with the latest PMBOK guide-6th edition. Moreover, all the learners get access to case studies, 35 PDUs, simulations, and PMP application assistance. Furthermore, the PMP course will get started from the beginner’s level including the essential topics, and then move to advanced topics.   In other words, after completing this course, The aspirants will have more significant job opportunities, substantial pay hikes, boosted network opportunities,  invaluable experience, and organizational adaptability.

7. ICERT GLOBAL-PMP Certification in Pune

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The excellent academy that offers the best PMP certification courses in Pune is ICert Global. However, I cert Global academy includes classroom training, live virtual classes, corporate training, and E-learning. Definitely, they have partnered with companies like AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and Accenture.

Nevertheless, this academy provides four days of intensive PMP training. And at the same time, the aspirants get in-depth knowledge about excellent project management methods. This course provides the candidate with the exam through various prep classes, boot camps, and mock questions. In other words, after the completion of this course, the candidates will have skills such as real-life project management, get knowledge about advanced tools with establishing credibility, and acquiring international recognition and strategies.


Pro thoughts are the best institute that provides certification courses in Pune. The unique characteristic of Pro thoughts academy is flexible learning options that cover corporate training, classroom training,  and online training. 

Indeed, it has an inclusive four days of training including 35 PDUs training. Despite this, it provides many game-based learning activities like rapid-fire rounds, crosswords, quizzes, and flash card memorizers. Hence, it makes the training fun and engaging.

The curriculum of the course has various modules on topics such as Doing the work, starting the project, Maintaining the team on track, and developing a high-performing team.  , certainly, after completing the course, the learners will obtain knowledge of PM tools and techniques. At the same time, they will also be able to apply all the ideas learned in class to real-life projects.

9. Global skill up

Next on the list of top PMP certification courses in Pune is Global Skill up. This Global skill up institute has various training options like online self-paced learning, private coaching, live virtual classes, and classroom training Similarly, This training is devoted to project management excellence to help project managers. 

Likewise, the course modules consist of PM fundamentals, project case studies, driving processes, and developing people perspectives. As I said, through the training, learners will master resource management, leadership, general management, stakeholder, cost and risk management, and project communications.


, Edureka offers 100+ live online courses for Students and professionals. Certainly, it is one of Pune’s best platforms to learn PMP certification courses. Indeed, three modes of training offer online classroom and self-paced learning, and offline. And also it bestows the best learning outcomes in PMP certificate courses. In fact, the training has produced favorable things like career options,  rising income as well as credibility. As I said the course curriculum contains Introduction to PMP, starting the project, Creating a high-performing team,  and Keeping the team on track. 

  11. Sprintzeal

Next, we have on this list of best PMP certification courses in Pune is  Sprint zeal institution. Of course, this institution delivers complete, PMI-authorized training modules. However, all the faculties will strive to provide high-quality exam preparation tips with updated training methodologies. Since all the trainers are working professionals and also they are suitable for virtual weekend classes. Hence, the training takes place on two consecutive weekends. The course syllabus includes topics like Starting the project, Doing the work, Creating a high-performance team,  and Keeping the team on track, Likewise, at the end of every session, mock tests will be conducted for the candidates as the preparation for the PMP certification exam.

12. KNOWLEDGE HUT UPGRADE -PMP Certification Courses In Pune 

Equally important, The training academy Knowledge Hut upgrade is based in countries like India,  Canada, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA, etc., In fact knowledge Hut upgrade  academy bestows one of the best PMP certification courses in Pune. In deed ,knowledge Hut Upgrade provides  an excellent plat form and although it may be true that it boost the tech career. Certainly, this academy offers comprehensive PMP training .At the same time they focus on well-equipped aspirants to crack the exam effectively. Nevertheless, the PMP training includes 35+24 PDUs with live training and on-demand learning .It also offers five simulation mock tests, more than 2200 questions, and also study materials produced by top experts. 

, A unique technique of Knowledge hut upgrade training bestows experimental workshops. In addition to the six months of post-training guides to the candidates in completing the course.


In other words, Project Management Skills have been in high demand as they have leadership ability,  handling the project, problem-solving, etc. Despite this,, Project Management Professional PMP education represents that any aspirants  has the theoretical knowledge needed to manage projects. Where as,the experience shows that aspirants have the requisite soft skills to pass the PMP exam. In fact, These  PMP certification courses in Pune are power-packed with all the required study sources. In brief, The PMP training makes the aspirants prepare to take up the project management tasks. 

Q.1.Are PMP Certified candidates in high demand?

Ans; Yes, PMP Certified candidates are in high demand

Q.2.Is the PMP exam hard to pass?

Ans; Yes, the PMP exam is tricky.

Q.3.Does the PMP certification course adds value to the managers?

Ans; Yes PMP certification course adds value to my overall skills and portfolio.

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  1. The project management course at HENRY HARVIN in Pune was an incredibly outstanding and important course. With knowledgeable teachers that have advanced knowledge and abilities in content writing, it’s everything but a groundbreaking learning experience. It addresses every point that is crucial for someone to succeed in their field.

  2. You become more knowledgeable and self-aware after taking the PMP course. In order to meet project management needs, it also fosters leadership abilities. This programme was so easy and very helpful, and I know it will help me out in the long run when I get a new job. I recommend anyone take this free course.

  3. Project management in Pune is a fantastic course. The course really pushes the student to understand the concepts in their own way. But after spending time and effort, and performing a full exercise, learning different tools and templates and actually taking steps to develop deliverables is a great exercise. 

  4. Amit Bhushan Reply

    Good project management is imperative to ensure there is a strategic alignment of all stakeholders with the business goals. It is about driving the accountability and action of a diverse group of people with varied skill sets, often spread across work spaces and geographies, to achieve the project.

  5. HENRY HARVIN provides project management courses, including both free and paid PMP courses. Thank you for sharing these great project management training courses online and for helping to earn high-quality skills.

  6. The project management course in Pune places a great deal of emphasis on these topics in an attempt to increase our professional and strategic knowledge, as well as our standing within the business and in the larger global arena.

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