The secret to becoming a writer is to write, write and keep writing. No written contents are bad. No written contents are right or wrong. There is no tried and tested formula or secret to writing the best content. There are some secrets that can be followed to make your writing better. Now the question is how to write content better and faster?

As I started writing, I understood that I can write faster than I think. The faster you write, the more you write, the more you write the better you write. You can edit written content and make it better content. You can never make a blank paper a better content. In order to write better content, one must start writing first. There are a lot of content writing courses. Joining the course will help youtube be a better content writer.

For writing better content, there are mainly three stages of writing: 

  • Prewriting stage

Gather ideas, research on the ideas and find out the goal of your writing.

  • Writing stage

In this stage, you put your ideas into words

  • Post writing stage

In this stage, edit, proofread and optimise your words.

How to write content better and faster

The discipline of writing will help to write faster and better. Writing more will help to write faster. The more you write, you can write with better quality. As the saying goes practice makes a man perfect. keep practising writing for better content writing. Set the deadline, this will help to write faster. First, include the deadline in your planner before starting to write. Meeting deadlines is important to improve your writing speed.

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Make writing a part of your daily routine.

Keep a specific time to write every day. However, don’t forget to keep away the distractions while writing. Write if possible in silence. Read your writing loudly this will help to make your writings better.

Don’t bother about spelling mistakes while you are writing the articles. However, the spellings can be corrected while editing. Understanding the goal of the article is vital for writing the content. As mentioned above, there are three phases of writing; such as coming up with ideas, writing down the ideas with perfect planning and then editing the writings.


Below listed are the 15 secrets to try now to make your  content writing better

1. Be original

Producing 100% unique content is a real challenge. As plenty of content is uploaded every minute there sure must be someone out there producing content about the same topic. The main challenge is to write the contents that stand out. First and foremost is to write original content. Don’t copy from others writings as plagiarism is not allowed in this field. There are a lot of tools to check plagiarism. Write the content in a different style, be it about a topic that has been discussed before but try to present it in a different style and tone each time. This will make your content better. The content should be engaging to the readers. Share personal experiences in your content. This is a tip to make original content. Give the readers a piece of your personality that will engage the readers more.

2. Start Strong

You have only a few sentences to keep the readers hooked to your content. The first sentence of the content should be drafted with utmost care. It is the first few sentences that decide whether the reader will be benefitted from the article. Write a strong hook in the first few sentences to engage the reader. Hence, the reader will read the article till the end of the article. Below given are the tips for a good start to write better content.

  • Pose a question

Write a question, at the starting part of the article in order to increase the reader’s curiosity that will make the reader read the article till the end to find the answer. 

  • Present a surprising fact

Write a few facts in your content that will give more information to the readers. The readers will hook to the content which gives them some information.

  • Start with a controversial statement

Who doesn’t like controversy? Starting with such statements will make the reader hooked on to the topic and read the entire article.

3. Create a Catchy Headline

Your headline will be one of the first read by the readers. Always try to write a catchy headline that can make the reader start reading the article. Now how can you write a catchy headline? There are tools that you can use that create headlines. The tip to making a good headline is adding adjectives and superlatives, highlighting the benefits of the post. In addition, add numbers, years, the ultimate guide, the best or top etc in the headlines. Write the headlines by understanding the readers for whom the content is written. Your headline need not be that fancy.

4. Tell a Story

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Who doesn’t like stories? It is easy to make people read stories along with the information. Readers want to know what comes next. Certainly, stories can make the readers hooked till the end of the article.  Present the data with the help of small stories. Telling the stories through your writing will help to connect to your audience. Try to write stories on your experiences that will help the readers to know about your expertise and increase your credibility on the subject. Tell the story in a way that the readers can relate to them. Try to evoke the emotions of the readers through your stories. Make sure that your stories advance your goals. The stories are making the readers do what action you want them to take after reading the content.

5. Write Succinctly

Write shorter sentences and paragraphs. You should not scare your readers. You don’t want your readers to think there is no time to read such long writings. Shorter sentences will help for a quick read. Below are the tips for writing shorter sentences.

  • Don’t use excessive words

Write to the point. Don’t make your sentences too complicated. Use simple language. Don’t use words that show your knowledge and are difficult for the readers to understand.

  • Cut your adverbs

 Always try to use lesser words that make your sentences look trim and to the point. Instead of using adverbs paired with weaker words write a single stronger word.

  • Avoid redundancy

Avoid redundant words. Using redundant words to emphasize while writing, but in reality, it may have a negative effect on the article. Redundant words are the words that are extra and not needed in the articles.

6. Use Appropriate Format

One can’t paint in empty space you need paper, similarly to write content a format is a must. All articles are different. The formats in which the articles are written should be chosen carefully. Different articles should be written in specific formats that are appropriate for the article. Articles with listicles get most of the clicks. Stories, personal experiences, tips, reviews, opinions, FAQs,mini-tutorials are some of the formats that are used in content writing. You can select the format considering the topic on which to be written.

7. Make Audience Think

Making your audience think is an art. You can provoke the thoughts of the reader by writing relatable content. Let the reader’s imagination run wild. The topic should be presented to the reader in a way that makes them curious, that they read the writing till the end to understand. Give hints and don’t reveal the actual topic in the beginning. Ask questions in between and let the reader think about the answers which should not have definite answers. This will evoke the thought process of the reader. Write the questions relevant to the topic. The trends that are prevalent should be included. This will make the reader connected to the writing.

8. Pay Attention to Visuals

In addition, to the quality of the writing, the presentation of the article is also equally important. variation of the sentence length, paragraph length, text type will help to make the presentation of the article appealing. Visuals inserted should be to break the monotony of the writing. Both images or videos can be used for this. Using bullets, bold headings, subheadings, shorter paragraphs help the readers to scan the content and make it a quick read for them. Most importantly choose the image, that is suitable for the content written.

9. Use Keywords

Keywords are important in digital platforms. Each content should have keywords used in the writing. The use of keywords should be limited to the permitted repetition. Keywords should not be squeezed in unnecessarily. Keywords can be used in the subheadings and the body of the article. Use the keywords that will help to rank top your article. Do research to find the keywords. This research will help you to understand the topics and makes you well informed about the topics to write about. Using the related keywords will help in the readability of your article.

10. Use Editing Tools

Use the tools that are available online to make your writing better. Editing is crucial in writing. Rely on the editing tools for editing which will bring out better content.

11. Produce Actionable Content

To write good content you should know the purpose of your content. The writer should be aware of the action that the writer wants the reader to take after reading the content. You want to promote a product through your blog, you should write about the benefits and highlight the features of the product. Consequently, you should make the reader buy the product which is the action expected from the reader. The content writing should be provocative to make the reader take action which can be added as a click button which is called call to action.

12. Read a Lot

Reading can help a lot in writing better and faster. By reading from the bloggers of the same niche you can get an idea about writing for online readers. Most importantly, pay attention to the structure of the sentences and the choice of the words. Imitate the way of presentation of the content by your favourite writers. Reading is the best way to nurture the writer’s brain. Subsequently, reading and analysing the writings of your competitors helps to improve the quality of your writings. By reading a lot you can understand the mistakes that other writers have made and you can avoid the same in your writings. Reading improves your knowledge.

13. Use Active Voice

In content writing, the use of active voice is important as active voice is easier to read. Active voice helps to relate to the reader more. Conveying the message in lesser words can be done better in an active voice. The writings are more engaging if written in an active voice. Readers want to have a connection to the writings which can be achieved with the use of active voice.

14. Thick Skin

It is not compulsory that everyone should like your writings. Content writing should not be looked like a work of art. Above all, It’s the readers who are the deciding people. The writer should write what the readers want to read. While writing for other websites, if editors are not satisfied with your work, find ways for better content writing by being with them. One should not be disheartened if receive criticism for your writings. Try to take the criticisms in a positive way and improve your writings. It is not that you are a bad writer, take the advice of more experienced writers and work on them to write better content.

15. Meet the Deadlines

Meeting the deadlines is crucial in content writing. The deadlines help the writers to write faster. Meeting the deadline will show your professionalism. Setting up the planner and starting writing. Writing the outline that helps to write faster and complete the writings on time. Meeting deadlines helps the writer to grow which improves writing skills and speed. The writer should follow the tips to meet the deadlines.


 Content writing courses

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin provides one of the top five courses in content writing in India. The content writing course teaches different sorts of content writing. The faculties are pioneers in content writing. The course covers advanced research skills, understanding the targeted audience and developing good writing skills. Henry Harvin assists in the placements after completing the course. Thousands of students from Henry Harvin have got jobs in the good firm and are benefitted from the content writing courses. There is a post-graduation course in content writing provided by this institute. Internships are provided which helps the student to gain experience in writing. 


Coursera is a multilingual learning academy. They provide content writing courses at an affordable price. The faculties are experienced in the field. This institute provides courses in the digital marketing field. The students can start from scratch and learn the course and get a good career in the industry. The course includes hands-on practices. The fee is affordable. The projects provided are helpful to gain experience and are guided personally by the tutors. The courses are done at different levels from the beginners to the advanced levels.


This institute offers content writing courses. The institute has online and classroom classes. The courses are provided according to the students and the working professional’s convenient timings. They have flexible class timings. Weekend classes are available for working professionals. The faculties are good. They cover the basics of content writing to the advanced levels in the course. The institute provides hands-on training for the students in the institute. This is one of the best institutes in Bangalore and Chennai.


Writing engaging content is a challenging task. The main tip to write better and faster is to read and write every day. Read your writings loudly. Rewriting the writings will help to find out the mistakes. Reading and writing every day will definitely improve your speed of writing and will help to evolve you as a better writer. Join the content writing courses as the first step to being a better content writer. The 15 secrets that I have listed above will definitely help you to be a better content writer with faster writing skills. What are you waiting for, start writing now by using the secret tips and be a better content writer with faster writing skills?



1. Is it a prerequisite to join a content writing course to be a content writer?

Joining the course will help you to understand the protocols followed in this field.

2. Does visuals help in content writing?

Yes, Visuals help for a better presentation of the article.

3. Which is most important for a beginner to be a better content writer?

Make reading and writing an everyday routine to be a better content writer.

4.  How to address criticisms in the content writing field?

Don’t be disheartened when you get criticised. Take it in a positive way and try to improve your writings as a content writer should write what the reader wants to read.

5. What are the different tools used in content writing?

Editing tools, plagiarism checking tools, grammar correction tools are some of the tools used in content writing.

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