Teaching English is a rewarding career, since technology is taking huge leaps, a TEFL teacher needs to be updated and equipped with teaching tools. Often teachers explain students through many examples in the classroom but now we should remember each one of us carries a smartphone with many useful apps. So, Why not take advantage of this and plan your teaching material more immersive and informative especially, through real-life scenarios. This is going to introduce a whole new dimension to the TEFL teacher’s curriculum. Even learners will get fond of learning and quickly gain knowledge.


Finding What You Need

Let us first try to understand the idea by the need of usage :

  • Each student, whether a kid, a teenager or an adult, entirely have a different need of learning the basics. Some like to learn while playing games, some like to have visual learning or some may be interested in listening to audios. 
  • Similarly, each TEFL teacher has a unique way of teaching, he may love to teach through videos, music, movie-scenes, or quizzes, crosswords or may use podcasts a TEFL teacher can plan and design the relevant topic by self or showing already available content from the app and a broad spectrum content platforms.
  • Many students do not get to practice spoken English because of dominating local language speakers around them, they can have an opportunity to speak and practice with those apps. So, a TEFL teacher being aware of his student’s needs can suggest a suitable app.
  • So much effort while teaching, surely you deserve a list of apps where teachers can register and get paid on an hourly basis. 

Here is the list of 20 best free apps for tefl teachers

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1. Fluentu

  • You can get a wide range of video content, movie trailers, inspiring talks, news , translated and subtitled captions, quizzes, downloadable audio content for listening later without internet access.
  • Sentence structures, the actual tone in alignment with body language while speaking phrase, is highlighted.
  • Instantly tap the new word and get the meaning.This visual dictionary makes the session quite interactive.
  • Both native and non- native teachers can apply. A basic college degree or bachelor’s degree along with TEFL certification makes you eligible.
  • Hourly pay –$20
  • Get paid via paypal
  • Downloadable both on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Check- TEFL Certification course in Mumbai

2. Cambly

Cambly includes 

  • Business english ,advanced business english
  • Courses for kids aged 4-15 years
  • With cambly, TEFL teachers can have a flexible schedule, a tailored curriculum and 1-on-1 video chats. The app registers native TEFL teachers from Canada, US ,UK and Australia.
  • The app works on conversation based methodology.
  • If you are a professional in another field and a TEFL teacher too, then this is your chance, because people around the world search tutors from their own background and cambly offer a wide range of professionals.
  • You can earn $0.17/minute on Cambly 

$0.20/min on Cambly Kids via Paypal

Available on Google Playstore

3. Duolingo

  • You might have observed everybody just loves to play video games, doulingo brings you an intermediate level of learning english in video game format.
  • Each person has a different learning level. Here you can have an integrated conversation, vocabulary, speaking and listening material in a video game format rewarding the users with “lingots” or gems . 
  • Tefl teachers can reward students with badges on completing a specific assignment.
  • Duolingo has a public leaderboard, where a group of 30 users can be formed.They can be your friends, family members or any other app user in the world, play the game, practice your language skills and get a rank.
  •  Teachers can watch their progress and act accordingly.
  • Available free at Apple store and Google Play Store.

4. Palfish

  •  You can teach people of all ages at this platform 
  • The app has two versions namely, Palfish reading:kids books learn to read ,

Palfish teachers app.

  • Palfish reading : kids books learn to read

Reading is an important step to learn english , and what is better than reading a child’s favorite story, bedtime stories, fairy tales or children stories developed into audio books , inspiring them to read and listen, leading to an understanding of language.

  • About 2000+ picture books are available for pre-school to primary school learners .
  • Palfish TEACHERS APP

As I told you earlier students need companions to practice their speaking skills .This is an english speaking companion app.

  • You have to be a registered native spoken speaker at this platform and can make money by becoming a speaking companion.
  • Earning $10-$18/hr 
  • Also if you wish to become an official course instructor can apply for that also. You need to have TEFL certification for this.
  • Available at apple and google play store

5. Italki

  • Language learning is customized. 
  • This is a video-chat, online, one-on-one, private lesson based app.  The curriculum is tailor-made as per the interest and level of a student. 
  • You can become a professional tutor if you hold TEFL certification 
  • Or become a community tutor if do not have any certification
  • Native and non-natives both can apply to be a tutor
  • TEFL teachers can create their own course and add them as new lessons. Check with Italki FAQs.
  • TEFL teachers get to choose their own price, but the guidelines of Italki tells them to be considerate. Some students may have a budget problem..
  • Earnings $8-$20/hour
  • Available on IOS and Google play store 

6. Hallo

  • The all in one app to learn english 
  • Live classes , english courses on a monthly basis , private lessons and speaking partners.
  • Students can find group conversations in public of their own level. 
  • Insta scheduling to book a favourite english teacher. 
  • Tefl certified native teachers provide a structured curriculum.
  • Earnings: $8.4 at instamatch class

$15-$20 /hr in live stream

  • How to become a tutor at hallo? FAQs
  • Available on IOS and Google play store

7. Busuu

  • Features business, travel ,English grammar and vocabulary
  • Students can start learning from beginner level to upper-intermediate.if you are new to English learning then start as a beginner otherwise can opt for a quick test to know your level. The AI-based app automatically generates a curriculum on behalf of this and your main goal of learning.
  • This is a language exchange platform
  • Students get official level certification by McGraw hill education

8. Boxfish

 You can teach k-12 students from china. Images, videos, And games make an interactive online classroom . integrated with pronunciation, vocabulary with syllables stress, grammar, contextual learning are the features.

  • Boxfish invites applications from native speakers of English from the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Must have a bachelor degree or above 
  • TEFL certification 
  • Teaching experience more than 1 year
  • Boxfish puts a pay rate of $24 /hr

9. Tandem

The meaning of the word tandem is a bicycle with two riders i.e. two sets of seats and pedal. Both moving in a forward direction .This explains how tandem works with two people both wishing to learn a language and what’s better when you get some perks out of this.

This is a language community application and works on language exchange. It’s a superb concept to exchange language learning. All you need to do is to press a call button and the app will find you a suitable partner who will teach a language and in return you will teach yours to him or her.

After the practice session you will receive a feedback of grammar ,pronunciation and fluency in the chat section.

Download — app store/ google play store

Monthly income–$500

Also check- TEFL certification course in Pune


10. Cake

  • Cake curates language learning content from youtube videos.
  • Simply correct your pronunciation through its AI speech recognition
  • Popular phrases are taught by many relevant short videos
  • A total of 26 topics are available for subscriptions including sentence patterns, travel expressions , english training expressions
  • This app has categorised the content on learners interests and they can subscribe to it , the categories are movies , comedy american drama series, british english,celebrities , animation, marvel comics , daily vlogs , weather and seasons , business vocabulary, shopping etc.
  • Tefl teachers can use the relevant content and suggest their students to download this app since it’s 100% free to use to achieve an interactive session.
  • Available on apple and google play store.

11. Kahoot 

  • Train your brain with this game based application .You can create a learning game and teach with relevant images and videos on a wide array of available topics .. 
  • Boost vocabulary through quizzes called kahoot.
  • Flashcards, practice and test yourself are the three study modes.
  • Regardless of age , people can learn english and teach as well. Search and pick any public kahoot .
  • Tefl teachers can prepare and host their own kahoot on any topic and make it live in your virtual classroom. You can assign work to students and review later with reports. 
  • Available on google  play store

12. English Videos

  • It’s a completely free app.
  • You can cover business english , idioms, conversation ,speaking , listening, reading and writing skills all through available videos .The app categorises each topic separately.
  • To enhance vocabulary from videos you can save words right there in app and revise them later
  • This is an english conjugator app, which means you can find videos related to IELTS, TOEFL,TOEIC also..
  • A pre- beginner course of 12hours 20 minutes is available for 4 months.
  • Available at google play store

13. Speak English 

About 2500 phrases are included and 3500 essential words are enlisted as vocabulary

A search feature enables the users to find a particular phrase or word instantly.

  • The categories include basic phrases, general conversations, interests, jobs, travelling and many more along with vocabulary sections.
  • A very good self study tool. You can suggest kids to download for the classroom reference.
  • It is a totally free app and can be used without internet connection also
  • The recordings are provided by native speakers 

  • compatible both on smartphone and tablet computers
  • Available on google play store

14. Word With Friends

While teaching kids, introduce this app to them. It’s based on a classic crossword. Even adults enjoy this app. The application brings fun games to play solo or play with family, friends or any other app user across the world to sharpen your wit and enhance your vocabulary. 

Vocabulary challenge, beat the clock, solo play, hindsight and, word radar is few features of this application.

15. Wannalism

The app focuses on vocabulary, English grammar of common expressions, mispronounced words, Phrasal words,  and usage tips through short movie clips and videos. Learn to distinguish between British and American accent from real life contexts and business English.

Download from apple store /google play store.

16. British English — learn english podcasts

Everyday life podcasts can boost listening skills if displayed with an auto-script. The podcast includes real life scenarios. Around 80 episodes and 20 hours of free listening on a wide range of topics can really improve listening skills. After listening to each podcast comprehension questions appear to what you listen.

17. English Idioms And Slang Phrases

The app features dictionary flashcards for many slang phrases and idioms used by native english speakers, language accents, phonetics and pronunciation with lots of test series each with a difficulty level. 

  • 2000+ Idioms
  • Download from google play store

18. Awabe

Speaking , listening, recording ,1000+common words and phrases are the key features explained under more than 10 categories like, greeting , numbers, date and time, general conversation , directions and places etc. no need to have an active internet to use this app. 

Downloadable from playstore and completely free.

19. English Grammar

This app offers students and teachers 200+ grammar lessons and 10000 tests . learn at your own pace because this app works offline . 

Adjectives. Adverbs, articles, gerund and infinitives , modals and auxiliaries , active and passive voice and much more will be on the fingertips.

20. Memrise

Learn english with already available pre-recorded videos by native speakers. Enrich your vocabulary with games.the smart learning engine provides you with all listening and practicing sessions.

Tips For TEFL Teachers

Busy You

Tefl teachers can have a varied routine. Maybe they can have a class in early morning and then before noon, or can have back-to- back classes 

.obviously they need extra time to prepare a great interactive classroom. So, time- management and planning in advance is the major strategy to extract a good output from a short 25 minutes. 

Motivate students to download such useful apps that are ready to display content and activities. 

Work -Life – Balance

Being an english teacher , means you have to or at least try to stay on top of work , so that you can maintain a good work – life balance.when you will be prepared in advance with so much of wide range of topics kept in your small pocket , not worrying about activities and test sheets , the free time will be your own.

Relate Culture And History

Language is the only source of communication between two people. If you really want to engage your students , know about their culture, history and literature. So that psychologically they can relate themselves to you and feel free to express themselves. Also be aware of your own country, culture, history and literature too. 

National, international politics and current events are also the ones to keep an eye on.

Gathering and processing all the information, you would be more confident as a TEFL teacher.

Feel free to comment and give your valuable feedback.


 Among the above described applications , I tried to classify according to practical usage of language learning applications.

 Students can be kids, teenagers or adults. Some may be beginners, some intermediate or few would be advanced learners. Similarly some may lack in speaking, listening or some in grammar and vocabulary including writing 

A TEFL teacher while completing his /her TEFL certification gets all the information and backup material to start their first classes. But, with a smart phone in each person’s pocket which can really prove to be a best pal for TEFL teacher because not only they supply you with a predefined course curriculum like in CAMBLY, FLUENTU, PALFISH , BOXFISH etc. They can guide you how to specifically interact with a particular student who is lagging behind in a specific topic.

Being a teacher you can suggest students to view and download completely free apps from the play stores  like CAKE, SPEAK ENGLISH, KAHOOT, DUOLINGO, ENGLISH GRAMMAR, ENGLISH IDIOMS AND SLANG PHRASES etc. These free apps can become a blessing for a student with budget issues.

Apple store and Google play store can be very handy sources for all these applications for the purpose of downloading, bringing an ease at your workfront.

Also Check this Video

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How do I find my first TEFL job?

A.1. Approach to your Institutes providing TEFL Certification for Placements and Internships
The first move to get a job should be to check with the institute, that provided your TEFL certification. Do they guarantee any job placement? if yes, apply or if no find out does they offer any internships. You may search for internship opportunities on other platforms also like Internshala.
A TEFL internship can be a good way to land your first job. Not only you get experience, but you also get an internship certificate with recommendations as well.

2.Prompt response to TEFL job advertisements
Many online institutes, websites have job advertisements. You can add a newspaper to your search list
3. Approach to the regular schools
You can approach the regular schools with your cv. But, keep in mind, it would be a regular day job with massive paperwork.

4. Apply directly to other countries
Search for those countries where English teachers are in high demand such as Asia, China, South-America etc.
Find potential employers and send them a customised job application along with a cover letter putting an emphasis on your TEFl certification, experience and obviously your keenness to teach.

What are the technical tools and set-up required to teach online?

A. Usually it takes only a laptop, a stable internet connection and a microphone. But sometimes it depends on the company platform, they may have certain specific requirements. 
One should follow the company FAQ section before registering.

Do I need to follow any English teaching books for TEFl practice? What are the books for guidance?

A. If you are pretty sure that you are well-versed with the teaching procedure and can handle each age group of students, then there is no need. But sometimes every teacher encounters some challenging questions, you can find answers with self practicing guidance books like:
Tiger tales,Tiger team, Tiger tracks (level 1-6 pupils books, activity books, teachers books) by Carol Read.
Young learners by Sarah Phillips
Practical English Usage by Michael Swan
Teaching Tenses by Rosemary Aitken

How many hours does a TEFL teacher work?

A. Well, it depends on you and your experience.
Initially you may get fewer students enrolled, so may be 1-2 hour per day.
But as you gain experience and teach a number of students then, you may get to work 5-6 hours per day in addition to the preparation time for the next class. 

Does TEFL have any age restriction for teaching abroad?

A. Altough there is no age limit but if you are more then 50 years old, you might get a little less opportunity to teach in your desired country. 
Do not get upset, with the increasing global need for learning english language you still have many places and countries to select and teach.

Do I need to learn a second language to teach english?

A. Absolutely no, considering students you do not need to learn another language or their language, because you need to make them understand and speak english since they already know their own language in the first place. 
It would be better for their sake that you do not try to speak their language, so that students put their efforts to learn english and get more involved.
Learning another language out of passion is never a barrier, may be possible someday it turns out to be a boon.

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