Ernst and Young (EY) is one of the global leaders in Tax, Assurance, Advisory and Transaction Services. It plays a critical role in building a better world for their clients, communities and people. It offers various training programs to help people develop their competencies in the field of finance and IFRS with the help of trained professionals who ensure development of the participants.
Some of the training programs offered by EY are:

1. Finance for Non Finance Managers

This 3 day program offered by EY provides awareness and understanding of the ways in which finance affects the business objectives of an enterprise. It also provides valuable insight on important financial areas which are quite relevant for decision making in a business enterprise.

Participants are made familiar with the form, content and analysis of financial statements and the main accounting principles and techniques.

The program will also help to improve an organization’s performance by highlighting the importance of cost control, breakeven and variance analysis.

The course is beneficial to all Non Finance Managers/Professionals.

2. IFRS Course

It is important for the finance professionals to understand the accounting standards in the Ind-AS framework, and the related practical application issues. Keeping this need in mind, 80 hours face to face training program on IFRS has been designed by EY which will help participants to understand the structure of the IFRS framework and apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports.

3. IND-AS Master Class

It is a Comprehensive 4 day Master Class which provides a detailed understanding of IND-AS, differences from the current Indian GAAP, insight into the practical application in IND-AS implementation. It is delivered by senior professionals who have extensive training experience as well as experience of working on IFRS/GAAP conversion engagements.

4. Internal Financial Master Class 

It is a 2 day master class offered by EY on IFC which aims to provide a complete understanding on requirement of Internal Financial Controls (IFCs) with practical examples focusing on regulatory requirements, applicability and timelines for implementation.

5. Financial Instruments Accounting Master Class

It is a Two Day Master Class delivered by trained professionals possessing expertise in financial instruments enabling understanding on how these challenges impact one’s business, and to arrive at an informed decision. Facilitators share global best practices and perspectives to provide a holistic understanding.

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