This blog is about IFRS by EY, IFRS by KPMG, and IFRS by Henry Harvin. In my personal opinion, I find Henry Harvin’s IFRS course better than those offered by KPMG and EY. My claim is based on the strong foundation of research work. As you read my blog, you will also come across a comparative account of all three courses, making it easier for you to understand.


Let us find out!!

Internet is full of online courses. Experts put huge efforts to design courses. Having command on a particular subject is one aspect, but delivering it in the best manner for easy understanding is another critical parameter, therefore to judge the effectiveness of an online course, one needs to keep many things in mind. I am going to help you find one such course of your choice. This blog is about to review courses on IFRS by EY vs IFRS by KPMG vs IFRS by Henry Harvin

Imparting practicum-based knowledge requires the demonstration of tools, methods, and approaches. Below I am helping the readers how to judge the effectiveness of a course.

Critical Areas to Judge the Effectiveness of a Course:

Whenever one has to choose a particular course (Online or Face to Face), the individual needs to keep the following dimensions in mind to judge the effectiveness of the underlying course.

  • Content of the Course
  • Internship opportunities
  • Level of experience, knowledge and credentials of the trainers
  • Association the course platform  with related industries
  • Customer support
  • Alumni support
  • Networking opportunities to the trainers
  • Learning Management System of the Course
  • Access to course content
  • Sessions effectiveness in terms of engagement and participation of the trainees.

This blog is about the comparison of three amazing courses on accounting. Let me tell you that accounting is among those disciplines that never lose their scope. The reason being the fact that financial transaction and account keeping is the need of every organization. Like any other field, the field of a chartered accountant also has an international forum that tries to maintain a uniform system of nomenclature, rules, and regulation across the globe.

What does IFRS Mean?

The forum regulating and maintaining standards for all the associated matters of chartered accountancy is International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS.

IFRS direct the way companies and organization conduct their business. The definition of various kinds of transactions and associated events are also the responsibility of IFRS.

They actually maintain a whole system of Accounting Language so that all the financial statements and transactions must be the same across the globe.

IFRS Course by EY, IFRS Course by Henry Harvin and IFRS Course by KPMG:

There are different online courses related to IFRS and chartered accountancy. These courses are diploma level as well as degree.

One of them is IFRS Course offered by Henry Harvin, and another one is EY IFRS. Ernst and Young or simply EY is a multinational professional network with its headquarter located in London. The organization is one of the largest professional networks providing training and professional services to companies across the globe. KPMG is another company mainly providing consulting and advisory services to businesses.

The word KPMG is actually the first alphabets of the surnames of founders which are Klynveyld PeatMarvick Goerdeler. The company was founded in 1987 when Peat Marwick International, Kleyenveld Main Goerdeler, and their respective firms agreed to form a joint venture. KPMG helps businesses and organizations to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities with the help of their consulting services.

IFRS by KPMG prepares the trainees for the latest practices in the field of accounting. The IFRS course by KPMG has also considered the convergence of Ind-AS in their course. The IFRS course by KPMG is useful for the professionals to develop individual knowledge of IFRS, with an in-depth understanding of all the principles needed to work in an international marketplace. Having the primary mandate of an advisory role, the course of IFRS by KPMG is among the top courses which impart the foundation principles and knowledge augmented by the strong history of the KPMG network in the field of accounting, tax, and related matters.

The courses offered by Henry Harvin or IFRS by Henry Harvin and IFRS by EY are two of the most famous courses in the field. Both of the courses are offering diploma level or The Association of Chartered Accountancy or ACCA. Below both of the courses are compared with each other.

All three courses are amazing. Depending on the choice and your requirements, you can opt for any one of them.

About Ernst and Young (EY) Global Limited:

Ernst & Young Global Limited is a professional network providing professional training and consultancies to businesses across the globe. The Head office of this organization is in London. The mandate of the organization is to assure in terms of financial audits, tax consultancy services, and advisory support to various multinational businesses and financial institutions. At the same time, they provide courses such as IFRS for financial qualifications and training. With the association of a great many companies, EY is one of the most prestigious platforms to achieve professional development and gain a high position in your career.

IFRS by EY Academy

Unique features & Recognition/accreditation of Ernst & Young Global Limited Academy:

  • The EY business academy won training 2014 award
  • Over 25 years of experience in imparting knowledge of finance,  accounting and business
  • The academy has also won consulting awards
  • EY has provided training to Russian and American business professionals
  • They have open enrollment both individually as well as from the company side
  • The academy has an open, and friendly atmosphere that encourages learning from each other all the time.
  • The professional training of the academy has been recognized by organizations like National Association of State Boards of Accounting or NASBA or ACCA, Chartered Institute of Management Accounting or CIMA and OPP Ltd.
  • EY Academy is accredited by CIMA for the conduction of CIMA training program of “ Corporate Performance Management” in Russia
  • EY is also accredited by IPMA or International Project Management Association. With this association EY has conducted trainings of IPMA for level D, C

About Henry Harvin Education Academy:

On the other hand, Henry Harvin is one of the leading professional development and career-leading organization that provides competencies in various disciplines. The main mandate of Henry Harvin is training in those areas which are in trend at any time, they provide skill development, and content provision, and management services to businesses, individuals, and organizations. Henry Harvin has also been associated with multi-national organizations, and businesses. With a strong Alumni support system and trained human resources as Instructors and support staff, henry Harvin has been imparting skills and knowledge to hundreds of students globally.

IFRS by Henry Harvin

Unique Characteristics & Recognition/accreditation of Henry Harvin Academy:

  • Henry Harvin academy is recognized as one of the top training platform by renowned publishers like Hindustan Time, Business World, Statesman, Hans India
  • The academy is ISO certified with credentials as Henry Harvin@ 29990: 2010 (International Standards for Learning Services for non-formal education and Training Services.
  • Henry Harvin academy is accredited with UKAF or UK AKKrediting Forum Limited, UK Cert
  • The academy has trained more than 23000 individuals in 1100 plus batches with a training experience of more than 60 top colleges and universities
  • The vision of Henry Harvin resonates with Mr. Henry Duster (first president of Harvard College) 400 years ago.
  • With Henry Harvin training, you’ll learn entrepreneurial fervor which certainly is helpful for your career growth.
  • The course IFRS by Henry Harvin is well-researched and constantly being updated as per the requirements of IFRS.
  • The internship support system of Henry Harvin makes it unique from its peer academies in terms of practicum, 24/7 support system

About KPMG :

KPMG as noted above is primarily an advisory body in the field of taxation, accounting, and businesses consultancies, this professional network also trains professionals in these areas for various organizations and businesses and firms. KPMG operates in 146 countries including India. As per their report in the Fiscal year 2020, they have employed almost 2,27,000 people in businesses, firms, government agencies, and organizations.

The KPMG network is known for the best workplace culture and services they provide.


Unique features and recognition of KPMG network:

  • KPMG was recognized by a well-known vendor assessment tool in IDC Marketscape 2021 as the world wide leader in digital strategy consulting
  • KPMG has trained above 9000 professional only in India in the field of accounting and business
  • The Forest Wave AlConsultancies Q1 report considers KPMG as the best in providing artificial intelligence services and consultancies.
  • IDC market Scape 2021 declares KPMG as the leader for Canadian Cloud Professional Services.
  • KPMG is also recognized for their employee services by the global business research consultancy HFS in 2020.

IFRS by Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin is one of the top training and knowledge imparting body offers IFRS courses. With an association with reputed multi-national companies and a strong alumni support system, your association with Henry Harvin is a guarantee to get employment after completing the course. With the convergence of Indian Accounting standards, Ind-AS with International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS, the IFRS Course from henry Harvin provides insight and conceptual foundation of all elements of IFRS and Ind-AS. With this course, you will be in a better position to appear in the ACCA-UK examination. The course is designed keeping in view the pattern and approach adopted by the ACCA-UK style of IFRS examination.

The course is offered by the Financial Academy of Henry Harvin.

Unique features of this course are the following.

  • This course is ranked as top-2nd by the Industry
  • The course not only offers you an extensive knowledge of the underlying discipline, but also prepares you for the real work environment.
  • You will get training with periodic boot-camp sessions
  • With henry Harvin you are eligible to attend the periodic gatherings of top class professionals for refreshers talks and understanding of the latest trends. This event helps you learning about your peer competitors in the field.
  • Henry Harvin also facilitates its alumni in finding jobs. The online support system of Henry Harvin constantly keeps in touch with its alumnus and links job openings with the certified professionals.
  • Henry Harvin provides you internship opportunity. Learning through internship is a key to understand the discipline. This unique feature of Henry Harvin takes you step by step with an inbuilt mechanism to alert you of your mistakes. Your work is thoroughly judged by the top professionals in the field, and doubt sessions are organized on daily basis to help you go step by step in the journey of your internship
  • The course interactive sessions are recorded, that means if you miss a particular session, you can watch it later on.
  • This 36 hours live interactive sessions provides a flexible opportunity for those who are already working in the industry and want to improve and become certified.
  • Besides ACCA-UK preparation, you will also get a badge of Henry Harvin certification
  • With one year gold membership you will be attached with Henry Harvin Financial Academy throughout all your professional journey. That means you can clear any of your doubt in future quite easily. This gold membership also provides you sessions on interview skills. May be you will be guided by those who are also interviewing you tomorrow.
  • The experts are constantly looking to the content of the course in the light of the requirements of ACCA-UK. Therefore the course offered by Henry Harvin is updated and according to the latest curriculum of ACCA-UK.
  • Henry Harvin Financial academy takes it seriously that all the certified professionals of IFRS have the latest knowledge of financial reporting and associated skills.

IFRS Course by EY:

The IFRS course by EY prepares candidates for diplomas in the IFRS program. The participants of the course will be in a better position to appear in the examination conducted by the Association of Chartered Accountants or ACCA.

With the establishment of Ind-AS or Indian Accounting Standards, businesses now need to regulate financial statements as per the laid down foundation of Ind-AS. Having said that, it can be concluded that the need to attain a financial certification like IFRS is the requirement of many financial institutions/organizations nowadays.

The speciality of IFRS by EY is that you will learn the fundamentals of IFRS and the differences between IFRS and Ind-AS.

The course will train you for the following objectives to gain from:

  • Comprehensive detail on the frame work of IFRS, with foundational concepts and related examples
  • Financial report writing by using the elements determined by IFRS
  • What are disclosure requirements of companies and how to know them in financial reports and writings?
  • You’ll learn how to write and furnish an internationally accepted financial statement for subsidiaries, or joint ventures
  • Application of all the standards of IFRS in real work environment by suitable examples
  • Understanding and application of the IFRS and Ind-AS standards in accordance with international firms requirement
  • With EY IFRS certification you’ll be in a better position to understand and apply the latest requirements any financial institution expects from you.
  • The course prepares you for the diploma level examination of ACCA.

IFRS Course by KPMG:

IFRS Course by KPMG prepares the participants for the ACCA – UK diploma level examination. The course is rich in terms of the experience and history of KPMG itself in the field of business, and accounting consultancies.

  • The content of the course are developed by keeping in view the requirements of ACCA diploma by UK
  • The course also provides an in-depth analysis of the differences of Ind-AS and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP.
  • This course give the opportunity of mock test before the actual examination of ACCA. This helps the participants to be ready for the actual examination. The deficiencies of indivdual participants are highlighted for future references and avoidance.
  • Monitoring test conduction is also included in the IFRS course by KPMG.
  • The sessions are usually conducted in the weekends, therefore provide an edge to the working professionals.

Why do you need to be IFRS Certified?

  • In this era of huge financing in businesses, the science of accounting and finance management has become more and more complex. Businesses and organizations need to streamline financial matters and at the same time be in a better position to compete with their peers companies. Therefore there is a huge demand for certified IFRS professional. The demand is predicted to grow in future.
  • Even if you are working in the industry with enough experience, it’s still a better option to get your certification ready for any possible future opportunity.
  • Certification in IFRS is a credential that would help you reach to the office of your prospective employer for interview.
  • IFRS certification broadens your scope. With this certification, you’ll be eligible to work in more than 100 countries across the globe. That means your scope and chances of employment become internationalized and not limited to your home land only.
  • IFRS certification courses are constantly updated, therefore there is always a provision to improve your existing knowledge
  • Due to the vast scope of finance field, the demand to keep yourself abreast of the latest knowledge will always be there, once you become certified, you can easily update and learn new skills with time.
  • According to the International Accounting Standard Board or IASB’S survey, 90 countries across the world have entirely compiled their businesses in accordance with IFRS standards, and 120 countries allow the local businesses to use IFRS standard.
  • With IFRS certification you will be in position to know the frame work of finance and accounting of a global level

Summary of Comparison of Key features for both the Courses (Similarities and differences):

IFRS by Henry Harvin IFRS by EY IFRS by KPMG
Preparing you for:
.Prepares you for the examination of ACCA-UK Certification in IFRS
Preparing you for:
.IFRS Course by Ernst and Young Global limited also prepares you for the diploma in ACCA
Prepares you for the ACCA-UK diploma examination
.It is 60 hours interactive live session with recordings available with recording available. The package also includes extra sessions from time to time to learn more
.It’s 75 hours of training with recorded sessions, which you can avail yourself of at your own pace and time.
10 live interactive sessions each of 6 hours duration
.15 hours of recorded videos sessions for referencing the content later on.
It is also 75 hours live interactive, virtual session conducted on the weekends
Who Should Enroll?
• Potential candidates may be anyone from financial background or Chartered accountants, CS, IMCA, or other professionals
• Semi-qualified Finance professionals are also eligible to apply
• Accountants and Finance managers who are already working in the industry
• MBA in Finance are also eligible
Who Should Enroll?
• If you are qualified by any national financial institution with an accounting background, you can apply for this course
• You need to have three years experience with a letter from your employer
• A relevant degree with two years of work experience will also make you eligible to enrol in the course
• Chartered Accountants, Secretaries of Companies
• Professionals who are working in the industry but not yet duly qualified, you are still eligible
Who Should Enroll?
• Chief Financial Officers, Finance Directors, and Strategic Planners
• Accountants and Analysts are equally encouraged to apply for this course
• Cost and Management Accountants, Chartered Accountants, and Consultants would also find the course useful.
Who Will Train You?
• Experts with 15 years plus training in the industry
• The instructors are carefully selected by training partners of Henry Harvin
• By those with a badge of delivering keynote speakers to the IFRS platform
• By those who have delivered above 300 lectures of the discipline with Henry Harvin Financial academy
Who Will Train You?
• These sessions are recorded by the top-class industry experts from members of EY with an extensive industry experience
• The trainers will emphasize the holistic approach which is related to the transition of IFRS
Who Will Train You?
• The most experienced professional in the field from India will train you through this course
Course Deliverables are:
• 60 Hours of online training with a virtual tour of IFRS strategies and associated principles
• One-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Financial Academy
• Free monthly boot camp sessions
• One year access to all relevant materials at the finance academy of Henry Harvin
• Easy to use learning management system
• Video recordings of the particular session as well as other sessions
• Henry Harvin Certification Hallmark
• Opportunity to find work with financial organizations
Course Deliverables are:
• 55 hours of recorded video sessions which are prepared in an interactive environment
• 6 Months of LMS Access to all the internationally approved templates, lectures, and recorded sessions.
• Presentations and Publications access
• Hallmark of EY-Ernst and Global Limited
• Strong support system through individual and customized emails.
• With the convergence of Ind-AS, the EY IFRS Course provides you with an in-depth knowledge of Indian Financial reporting and associated matters.

Course Deliverables are:
• A year-long access to the LMS of KPMG from the date of the commencement of the batch
• Sessions presentations
• Sessions Videos for future use
• Modules on the differences of IFRS Ind-AS and GAAP

Assessments and Certification
• With the completion of the course and all related tasks, you’re entitled to get the certification of IFRS by Henry Harvin
Assessments and

• You need to appear in an assessment process
• The assessment will be based on MCQ’s type of question, which prepares you for the actual examination of ACCA
• Passing marks for the EY certification are 50%
Assessments and

• A three hour written examination will be conducted for the assessment
• This examination is held twice a year, once in June and then in December in the ACCA examination centres in
• Passing marks are 50%
• The examination has two sections both calculations and written answers
• Scenario-based questions are also included
Course Fee
• 15000 INR
Course Fee
• 20000 INR with taxes per participant
Course Fee
• 32, 608 INR including some materials, and does not include ACCA examination fee
Mode of Delivery
• Online interactive live sessions with recording available
Mode of Delivery
• Recorded videos with live sessions periodically
Mode of Delivery
• Virtual Interactive sessions of 75 hours with recordings available
Summary of Comparison of IFRS by Henry Harvin & IFRS by EY
Certification in any discipline is actually a guarantee for the employer that you are well equipped with modern methods, tools, knowledge, skills, and attitude in the underlying field. Irrespective of the fact that you have enough experience in the field. Similarly, fresh graduates of finance and accounting background are lucky enough to have online academies at their fingertips.

They are also lucky in the sense that digitalization has brought about enormous changes in every discipline. Therefore IFRS certification is a guarantee of employment globally. Both of the courses compared above are amazing. One has to choose the one based on his or her understanding. One of the courses may have one edge over the other that may be more suited to the needs of the learner.

Without wasting time one should opt for one of the courses and do the needful to boost his/her career. Confidence is a major factor in the success of individuals. The only way you will be confident is to get the relevant knowledge, skills, and particular aptitude that is needed for that particular knowledge or working domain. With the certification of IFRS, a professional will definitely feel differently and would be confident to take complex jobs and do easily what he or she is expected.  Once you get the knowledge of IFRS certification, it is not difficult to keep yourself updated about any new development in the future. With both of the courses, you become a part of a larger community. A community that is global and not local. This additional benefit enables you to learn throughout your professional life. Grab the opportunity and select one of the courses which suit your needs.

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Q-1. What does IFRS stand for?

Ans- IFRS is the abbreviation International Finance Reporting Standard.


Q-2. What does IFRS do?

Ans- IFRS is developed to bring uniform structure in accounting and finance language throughout the world.


Q-3. Is IFRS by Henry Harvin make me eligible for the ACCA diploma examination?

Ans- Yes, the IFRS course by Henry Harvin prepares you for the examination of ACCA.


Q-4. Will I be eligible to work in other countries with ACCA/IFRS Certification?

Ans- With this certification, you can work in almost 90 countries of the world.


Q-5. Is the IFRS course useful for those who are already working in the industry?

Ans- Yes, IFRS is equally useful both for fresh graduates as well as professionals who are already working in the industry and want to get certified and update their existing repository of knowledge.

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