I am a junior college student and currently, studying in class 11th and preparing for my board exams. To get more time to study the foremost subjects, I decided to complete the CS subject as it will be easy to prepare it earlier. Also, I am a JEE aspirant and thinking about pursuing Computer Science and Engineering and C++ is the crucial part of it. So I was looking for the C++ course which will be beneficial and take less time to finish. After surfing through the Internet I discovered about the C++ Foundation with the DS & Algo Combo Certification Course by Henry Harvin. I was hoping that applying for this course would help me.

The C++ Course by Henry Harvin encouraged me to master the programming language C++, Data Structures and Algorithms. They provide you with 100 hrs classroom as well as online sessions. The mentors of this course are consummate professionals who bring valuable experience and demonstrated success across diverse domains & industries. I was really lucky to be trained under their guidance.

This is a brilliant course to build an outstanding career as a Programmer, Web/App Developer, Analyst and Software Engineer. I acquired knowledge about various Data Structures and found out how to organize data efficiently. They also conduct an online examination based on which certificate is awarded. After successful clearance of the C++ Foundation with DS & Algo Combo Course Certification Exam, participants can distinguish their profile with the global credential of C++ Foundation with DS & Algo Combo Course Certification.

It was an overwhelming experience and pretty much sure that I’ll score good marks at least in this subject.

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