Being an Engineering student and pursuing Computer Science and Engineering it is very important to have a good understanding of the programming language. I was good at C language with certification. I practised a lot to be very good at C language and was quite successful in achieving that. Due to the lockdown, there was less chance of colleges to reopen and I was feeling bored after trying and practising the Same stuff, so I decided to go for C++. I

was suggested about C++ Foundation with the DS & Algo Combo Certification Course. You can study just by sitting at home at your convenience.

Henry Harvin is ranked No. 2 C++ Foundation with DS & Algo Combo Course in India. After applying for the course, who will get access to E-learning that includes recorded videos, games and case studies. My skills are furnished to join the league of future C++ programmers. I learned how to use appropriate data structures for representing, organizing, and manipulating data. This course gave me an overall review of the main features of C++.

I would recommend everyone to opt for this course to have a successful career as a software engineer.

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