The field of human resource management fascinates me and I love to keep learning more and more about this exceptional domain. I have completed a diploma course on Human Resource Management but was not happy with the kind of training and coaching provided by my college. I did not get a good exposure at college and the internship that I completed during the 1-year course was not up to the mark of excellent. 

While researching the different ways to study HR management in detail, I came across the quality training programmes and certification courses by Henry Harvin, a top-ranked education centre in my city. There were a wide variety of courses pertaining to different domains. Fortunately, I found a course to fulfill my desires as well – The HR Information System Course. 

During the training, I learnt the importance of an efficient HR management system that smoothens the administration process and helps to prepare reports for the purpose of analysis. We did several useful projects to apply everything that was taught in the core training like report generation and management. As an added advantage, we also get internships opportunities to gain a better practical exposure of the course. 

I appreciate the educators for spending their valuable time in training and educating all of us. Every concept taught by them was crystal clear. The E-learning access provided was useful to refer to the concepts after class and the educators always spent a few minutes clearing our doubts. A highly recommended course to become a skilled and professional HR manager.  


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