I am a Data Scientist and my work is to be an analytical expert and should have knowledge about utilizing their skills in both business, technology, and social science to find trends and manage data at a gigantic scale. A strong establishment in some of the fundamental tools of analysis like a combination of SQL, R or Python, excel and java/C/C++. SQL was new to me and I wished to have deep knowledge about this. My friend suggested that I go for The SQL developer course by Henry Harvin. 

I explored SQL and database organisation and how to implement SQL effectively. The updated study material, recorded videos of the session and the multiple sessions with multiple trainers has helped me a lot and strengthened my abilities. The mentors have vast experience in the field of SQL and the smooth and efficient teaching methodology made learning so much fun and easier. Regular boot camps conducted over the next 12 months and the hackathons is like refreshment in between some of the tiresome lectures.

Being a SQL practitioner and achieving the certification in SQL developer course by Henry Harvin will open doors for job opportunities as well as support internships to gain practical experience. Everyone should opt for this course.

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