I had worked as a Project Manager and was very skilled and experienced in my profession. I am the kind of person who always wanted to explore more. One of my seniors is a database administrator (DBA). Whenever I think of his achievements and excellence, I always wanted to be a database administrator. But it was very difficult and after some research, I bumped into the SQL developer course by Henry Harvin. The key features attracted me and without a thought, I signed in for this course. Hoping for the best I started attending classes. The teaching methodology is very effective and your learning skills will be highlighted.

The trainers are most knowledgeable and experienced. They are friendly which makes it easy for the learners to ask their doubts. The mentors guided and helped us in cracking all the puzzles. I will never forget this amazing experience. I was privileged to learn the fundamentals of concepts such as creating rows & tables, changing schema and more. They ensure Internships for practical knowledge and experience. This course has made me confident and made my views clear about being successful in my career.

My latest innovative ideas have boosted me to give my best in everything that will be coming in my way.

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