I have seen several pharmacists aspire for full-time careers and enriching opportunities in the pharmaceutical publishing world. Using pharmaceutical knowledge in this kind of work is very pleasing to pharmacy professionals. Being from a Pharmaceutical background, I was focused on the studies and wanted to explore every field of the pharmaceutical world. I learned from my brother about Medical Writing and he told me about all the perks of this course and told me to apply for the Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing by Henry Harvin.As it was convenient for me to apply for this course, I listened to my brother’s advice.

This 6 months of Online learning offers convenient study material available at desired time in comparison to regular courses.It has the means of learning at home through E- learning access like  e-tools, classes, lectures, presentations and other course material available at any time. The course envelopes outstanding English writing skills and ability to work independently and organising and explaining scientific data in logical manner.I enhanced my interpretation skills and inculcated attention to  ensure adaptability and enthusiasm among writers. The trainers helped us to adapt quickly and apply knowledge and skills acquired.

The  time management and communication skills helped in our teamwork and communication with other healthcare professionals or pharmaceutical clients. The skills and knowledge of medical writing imparted in this course helped me to develop and transfer into other areas of regulatory affairs, sales or marketing. This is the best course as far.

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