I have a PhD in biotechnology and I am quite good at it. But after this, I was very confused about what to opt for next, the only thing I knew was that I wantee to try something different and exciting. Because of the pandemic and lockdown, I got a lot of time to figure it out. The Medical Writing Course was really good and quite beneficial. There was no reason not to go for this course. I learned from my friend about the Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing by Henry Harvin. After going through its blog I decided on enrolling on this course. Now, I am so proud to opt for this course.

I learned various skills and acquired knowledge about the classification of Medical Writing and its impact. Ethics in Scientific Communication is a very important part of the Post Graduate Program for Medical Writing. I learned to write a Scientific Research Paper for Journals and discovered the Drug Development Process and Clinical Study Designs.

It was not easy to grasp every part and sometimes it was difficult to understand some topics. But, the help of specialised trainers with an ocean of knowledge and teaching experience helped us to cross all the hurdles. It opened the doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization and fill the void of thousands of untapped high-paying jobs in Technical Writing with Talent Shortage.

It is an amazing course. All should try this program by Henry Harvin.

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