Modern technology has made work life easier and therefore it is important to stay updated with the latest technologies of your domain to excel in your career. I have pursued a management degree and graduated in the year 2020. I was unable to pursue higher education as my finances were not stable and my siblings are still pursuing education. Therefore, I decided to find an alternative way of gaining knowledge and upgrade myself to the current industry trends. 

While looking for affordable courses, I came across the HR Information System Course. This is a short-term course that did not take up much time but the entire curriculum was covered without omitting anything. The organizers and the mentors of this course were very friendly and provided necessary support and guidance right from the registration till the completion. 

My favorite part of the course was the real-time projects and the case studies that were presented. During this time, we got a chance to study and analyse different HR systems of organizations. We also understood how to prepare reports and analyze the outcomes. In addition to this, various other tasks that are carried out during recruitment were also completed. I felt that this kind of exposure is lacking in students and everyone must try to gain this exposure before starting their career. 

I had a wonderful experience taking up this course and I would encourage every student to take up this course mainly for the practical exposure that is offered. Thankful to Henry Harvin for this practical-oriented course. 

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