I am from Mumbai. Here the virus and its effects have cause real damage. We all are now going through a very boring period, with nothing to do and just laze around at our homes. Tired of reading all my story books after my 12th grade, I surfed the web to find some exciting courses. My parents helped me with the search using their contacts. Eventually we came across a great course, that was both different and interesting. The Program Management Professional course from Henry Harvin was an exact match. 

My parents were very enthusiastic about the program. The whole course turned out to be so productive and informative. All my objectives were met and the resources were amazing. The trainers gladly explained all my doubts, the concepts were clearly presented, and the projects were fun. All the sessions were interactive. Though there were a lot of students together, individual attention was given to meet everyone’s demand. There were quizzes and assignments to make our concepts clearer. With every class, I found myself exposed to newer topics that piqued my interest.

I would recommend every student interested to enhance their resume and knowledge must give this course a try. My friends and parents were surprised to see my fluency in management related topics and I was excited for further courses. I have just begun college and such a course as a start would do wonders in the future. I can clearly see all the knowledge learnt leading me to a path of success.




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