Having never participated in online coaching prior to joining the Henry Harvin Institute, it was a completely new experience for me. Online courses do not seem to be as productive and efficient as courses offered in a classroom. Nonetheless, I was proven wrong when I took the “Business Analytics Certification Training with Python” course from Henry Harvin.

A significant amount of information was imparted to the students. We had lively and interactive sessions. It was clear from the trainer that she was skilled and well qualified to teach us the subject. We had a very good experience with all the assessments, the projects and boot camps, the hackathons and doubt clearing sessions. Recorded classes were provided to us so that we could review the concepts whenever needed and be able to access them from times when we were unable to attend live sessions.

As an intern, we also get the opportunity to work with Henry Harvin Education, where we are assisted by mentors each week with job opportunities. Our assignments prepared us for the workplace. We were sufficiently confident in ourselves near the end of our training. Definitely, this institute provides its students with results-oriented training. Each of the modules, from Python environment to Basic programming and data structure to linear and logistic regression and text mining, was deliberately designed and executed.

Thanks to Henry Harvin, I learned a lot from this course, and I am looking forward to taking more courses in the future.



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