When I was in 12th, I attended a workshop on Content Writing. Then I was so unaware of it but after attending that workshop, I was so fascinated about writing and all the benefits and fun J will achieve after being a Content Writer. So keeping that in mind, I dreamt of being a content writer and started my journey. After completing the course in content writing. The next step was to have a PG program in content writing but this time I was looking for online courses because of the pandemic all over, it is very safe to do classes in online mode. So I searched over the internet and came across the PG program by Henry Harvin. 

After applying for this course, I was not sure that this course would be so amazing. I enjoyed all the live class sessions and got to interact with different people from different cities. It was all fun to attend the sessions and discover all the aspects of content writing every day.

The trainers of this course were very intelligent and knowledgeable. It was an honor for me to get trained by them. They always encourage us to have healthy competition to be perfect in our studies and have a competitive spirit. This Course also offers projects to gain practical experience.

After being certified by Henry Harvin I am sure to have plenty of job opportunities on my way. I would suggest the PG Program in Content Writing to everyone who seeks to build their career as a content writer.

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