Currently, I am working as a Finance manager, everything was going smoothly but a few months back I realised that the understanding and knowledge I have as a finance professional is not enough. To be a successful professional, I need to strengthen my abilities and opt for something that will benefit me in many aspects.

After discussing with my friends and colleagues I got to know about Finance Modelling. One of my friends recommended to me a Financial Modelling course by Henry Harvin. He was an ex-student of Henry Harvin and I was told that this is an amazing program and I enrolled on this course. The mentors here are fantastic and encouraging. With their great teaching experience and expertise in the topics, they made it easy for us to learn at ease. I’ll always be grateful for their guidance and efforts. They created a friendly environment for students and the hackathons organised were like refreshments in between the hectic schedule.

The Financial Modelling Course by Henry Harvin has helped me to build confidence and made me courageous enough to take

finance-related decisions and I have developed all the abilities to have a great career further. I am pretty sure that I will get job opportunities globally and the certification of financial modelling course by Henry Harvin will be a key to my success. I would like to thank all the staff of Henry Harvin.

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