I had enrolled myself for Six Sigma Black Belt with Henry Harvin early this year after going through the Six Sigma Black Belt reviews.

  • About the course:
    • It was an amazing experience right from the course curriculum to the way the training is imparted over the assessments, trainer expertise and the way the training was delivered.
    • The course is taught in 8 modules with an aim to teach various techniques and tools (statistical and non-statistical) based on data and facts.
  • Post training:
    • After the course, Henry Harvin ensures that students are taken care of and they support in project implementation or any other doubts and clarifications in our day to day work. 
    • It has helped me to boost my career aspirations and given a competitive edge over our counterparts.
  • Resultant help in my workplace:
    • In recent years, technology has enabled BPM with methodologies like six-sigma and the use of its tools in certain processes.
    • Therefore, six-sigma Black Belt has helped me to visualize the functions and processes, determine the appropriate measure for success, compare the various affects to determine optimal improvement, select and implement the improvement to ensure that it is tuned to the market needs.
    • Henry Harvin six sigma training, both online as well as offline approaches is a major upgrade definitely.
    • In the corporate world, Henry Harvin Six Sigma training and Six Sigma certifications is turning into a need.
  • How the six-sigma makes you employable?
    • According to Henry Harvin reviews, its Six Sigma accreditation makes you progressively employable. So how precisely does Lean Six Sigma certification accomplish these objectives? 
  • Higher Efficiency
    • Trainees who prepare themselves with Henry Harvin Six Sigma processes, definitely possess higher skill and effectiveness.
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma training helps to keep customers happy and keeps business drawing closer. 
  • Less mistakes for your organization:
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma is put to action to identify any errors and removing them from the processes, to improve quality procedure.
    • Achievement in improving the time and cost aspect in production and services will enable your association to show profitability.
    • With a drop in imperfections and errors, your organization can save cost reflecting your responsibility towards the company. Henry Harvin Black Belt Reviews too emphasizes on this.
  • Improve client relations: 
    • Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma brings in extraordinary advantages by maintaining its clientele.
    • With less errors, quicker production, and the capacity to satisfy the customer’s needs either early or on schedule, will keep the customer reliability intact. 
  • How to plan your self-improvement pathway?
    • When you are clear about where you need to be, you can begin to think how to reach there.
    • As per Henry Harvin six-sigma reviews, the course provides you with reference books, videos, presentations, resource library and related articles to give you an in-depth knowledge and this, adds as a support through which you can plan to improve your actions.

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I am happy to be part of Henry Harvin for their valued support in my career growth.