I am Simpi Borah from Assam. I have my startup in one of the districts of Assam. I wanted to do this course of advanced statistics for six sigma to support my startup with a high Return on Investment (ROI). Henry Harvin is the right platform to do this course from, let me tell you why.  

You will learn a lot here. The course helps in adopting methods that reduce the process cycle time and allow saving costs. You will gain skills and techniques to perform data analysis, hypothesis testing and improve the requirements of your work. You will learn to handle your workplace and production processes better.

There will be less chaos and failure in your work environment. I got better at applying statistical techniques and analyzing my work. Henry Harvin helped me explore my talent and skills in a broader manner. Now I feel I will be able to handle my startup in a better and more convenient manner.  

As I said, the course of Henry Harvin has helped me improve my skills and handle my business in a more productive and efficient manner. I have learned to make practical use of a lot of techniques and how they could actually affect my business. Overall my experience was good and I would say if you think you aren’t talented enough to handle things then you must go for this course.

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