I have recently completed my B.tech in IT. I  wanted to study further without doing a regular PG course so I tried to find an alternative idea.One of my friends suggested doing a Postgraduate certification. So I started searching for the course then I came across Henry Harvin’s Post Graduate Program In Technical Writing,I had a lot of interest in writing so I decided to do this course as it would improve my writing skills.

The live classroom course entitles you to receiving Training, Projects, Internships, Placement, E-Learning resources + Bootcamp sessions each month for up to a year and a Gold Membership.The post graduate program in Technical Writing is aimed to make you employable and this is achieved by giving challenging assignments and projects.

This course helps you to build a strong resume in order to get good job.These are the things that I experience during the course.The certification provided by them is shareable to the media in order to get good jobs at good pay.The internship that they provide is so useful because it gives you the technical knowledge and also experience industry workplace environment.

This course has really helped me to fulfil my dreams and also to make a career in Technical writing.There is really a huge demand for technical writers in the industry.A skillful technical writer has great opportunity in this field.

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