I wanted to do my CAPM certification because I was a fresh graduate engineer from Delhi University and I wanted a qualification to work in the field of project management. I went through a number of institutes offering SMED course training reviews. However, I could not find even one institute that offers a comprehensive course on SMED. I searched on hill and dale but to no avail. At the end of my search, I finally came across the Henry Harvin SMED certification. I was totally surprised at what they are offering. They were offering much more than their counterparts in the market.      

The SMED course from Henry Harvin is ranked among the top 3 courses. The institute guarantees an interview post-course completion. It promises a live-online instructor-led SMED training course. It also promises personalized job support post-completion of course.

This course l also helps you qualify for the credentials of certified SMED specialist. It is very likely a to have a promising career in the field after completing the SMED Course. This institute offers a 100% practical training method that has demonstrations and practical examples from the industry. Truly speaking, nobody is offering what this institute offers. Therefore, the cost justifies the course curriculum.

I would gladly endorse this course and recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue a course in this field. This training in SMED imparted at Henry Harvin is the ice-breaker for me to know this institute better. Once I know this institute, I can also apply for a job here. Knowing my age, I feel only Henry Harvin can accept me in their fold. Their SMED course training is a one of a kind of course that prepares the individual to face the challenges of project management.

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