When it comes to the Medical Laboratory Technician Course, Henry Harvin Education is the best one there is. The level of education, type of teaching, and after-course services are the best ones in the industry. 

With classes commencing virtually every week you may choose to take the program at your convenience throughout the year. The certification is credible and accredited by many notable national and international institutions which benefit your chances of receiving a job significantly.  The entire course was taught over 12 months by some of the best teachers. They have more than 15 years of active experience and are employed as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin Education.

The entire course is divided into 14 modules that cover topics like COVID-19: General Awareness, Medical Terminology, Revised Anatomy and Physiology, Infection control and biomedical waste management, Medical Emergencies, Medical ethics and law, Basics of medical lab technician, Pre Analytical laboratory testing process, Hematology – Apparatus and procedure., Blood Banking, Immunology, and Serology, etc. Two additional modules are also included that cover topic of soft skill development and resume writing. 

The course also brings a lot of learning like  Patient Care, lab technology, and equipment, Medical tests & results, Pathology, and Diagnostic techniques, Biomedical Waste Management, Material Management, and Supply Chain Management,  Medical Laws and Ethics, Know Comprehensively about Cell, Tissue, Digestive System, Skeletal System, and more,  various Hematologic Disorders such as Anaemia, routine Testing in Laboratories

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