Due to financial constraints faced by my family as my mother was a single parent, I had to work as a part-timer various times to support my family and my expenses. But after the completion of my post-graduation I knew, now I have to find a permanent job to sustain my family.


Being a mere graduate I was required to develop my skills in some area to find a full time job. As I was working in a computer institute, one of my colleagues told me to go through the courses of  HENRY HARVIN institute as it’s one of the finest institutes for imparting professional skills and training. Obtaining the number of the relationship manager, I interacted with him and I found him very kind. He gave me the description of every course and the job roles after the completion of the course. Among the courses offered I choose to learn PROGRAMMING COURSE FOR NON- PROGRAMMERS.

It was 8 hrs of a live online interactive session delivered by the best industrial experts belonging to this domain. The case studies which mainly dealt with marketing and analytics helped us to understand the issue and what’s the role of programming to fix it.HENRY HARVIN also offered hackathons which helped every individual pursuing the course to develop a good understanding of coding.

A long term internship of 6 months with a stipend helped me a lot to curb my financial problem and now as I’m in the last month of my internship and preparing for a good life after being employed.


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