I am currently studying in 12th grade. I had taken computer science as my further studies. Java language was being taught to us at school as part of the curriculum. But I knew that primary level knowledge would not suffice the need to please the top companies. My mother helped me search the web to find advanced training courses for Java. When we read the brochure for the Java foundation with DS and Algo Combo Course from Henry Harvin, we decided this was perfect for me.

Our instructor made it a point to make us all feel welcome and created a very amicable environment for us all. For once I didn’t feel not being attended to. The initial classes were basic and then we began the real fun part. There were a lot of practical sessions for fluent coding. It was exciting to learn among other students as it gave a competitive edge. The program was designed exceptionally well for both beginners and professionals.

After completing the course, I felt confident and ready for the next step. I am sure this training will reflect upon my future endeavours with a positive attitude. Any student willing to upgrade themselves for the competitive world must give this course a try.

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