We all are now going through a very boring period, with nothing to do and just laze around at our homes. Tired of reading all my storybooks after my 12th grade, I surfed the web to find some exciting courses. And guess what, Henry Harvin presented itself with a wonderfully designed computing course: RPA using Blue Prism. This course met my expectations and helped me figure out how to utilize my time over the lockdown.

Firstly I appreciate the medium used by Henry Harvin. They have online live classes as well as video lectures to follow later. The instructor was an excellently versed person who detailed every concept. I was deeply impressed by the technical experiments performed to demonstrate the real-life applications of Robotics. I was very keen on learning all the aspects of the topic in depth. The interactive sessions were brainstorming with people having so many new ideas to work with.

All my friends are now keen on this course. I can proudly flaunt my certificate for this advanced Robotics course, which will definitely bear fruit in the future. Now I have so many new and interesting ideas to give life to. All the techniques and methods that I have learned will be extremely useful for my future career prospects. I am going to pursue Robotics as my subject for higher studies in the near future. I would like to praise the course and curriculum setters at Henry Harvin for curating this wonderful program.

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