I have done my Masters in banking and finance. To attain the knowledge of GST was in my interest area. So, I came across the Post Graduate Program In GST by Henry Harvin and it seemed to be useful. I was amused after enrolling for this course. I had procured academic achievement by accessing it with abundant tools and techniques. 

The bootcamps and various projects taught me the Real-time application of the complicated GST provisions. I can proudly say that the Post Graduate Program In GST by Henry Harvin has made me eligible for finance jobs demanding a GST background. Now I have the confidence, courage and skills in the world of finance.Also, the internship helped me to gain practical knowledge. After applying for this course you will get free access to Hackathon which is like an refreshment.

They also provided the internship in order to get the practical knowledge.I am immensely proud to get Certified as a Postgraduate in GST from a Govt. of India recognized institute. I recommend this Post Graduate Program In GST to those who are interested in learning GST

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