With the rise in competition in recent years, the college degree certification or a mere CGPA of above 9.5 would not suffice the needs of the companies. I am in the third year of my college studying Information Technology.

I have realised that besides my college education, I would require certain extra qualifications to win the rat race of employment. I went over to my cousin for suggestions. He mentioned Henry Harvin’s Post Graduate Program in Data Science. I immediately enrolled myself for the course.

When you start an online course, your basic demands would be a perfect mode of learning and a good teacher. Henry Harvin met all my requirements and objectives. My trainer was a professor with 30+ years of experience, even work experience in this field. He narrated many stories of his days and through those explained how to gain practical knowledge. 

The exciting part of the whole process was the internship at the end of the course. Data Science is incomplete without working in the field and this course met with that need too.

I am extremely grateful to Henry Harvin for curating such an amazing and informative course. It really helps students build their confidence and have special skills, which will help them later in their career. I would definitely recommend this course to all my friends. The program is versatile enough for even professionals to give it a try and increase their experience and knowledge. Once again, thank you Henry Harvin and my instructor!

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