I am Mahesh Jaiswal from Haryana. Presently, I am a student and wanted to do this course of post graduate program in data science to improve my resume and chances of getting a good, well-paid job in some renowned company. 

The course has many things. You can learn about machine learning techniques such as regression, predictive clustering, time series forecasting, classification etc. learn to create an analytics framework using statistics and data modelling to structure business problems. Get a comprehensive knowledge about deep learning, natural language processing etc. Learn to use data cleaning and data transformation operations using tools and techniques. After the course, you will be ready for the post of a data engineer, data scientist or analyst for top analytics companies. If you are sure that you want a career in this  field, you must go for this course.

I was sure that I want a career in this field, so I came across and went for this course. It was very useful to me as after the course, I was offered jobs at good positions in some renowned analytics companies. If you want jobs ready as you complete your studies, you must do this course. 

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