I am a 12th pass student, I was not able to continue my studies because of financial reasons.I got a job just after completing my 12, the thought of completing my studies always makes me sad but I was helpless.I lost almost all the hopes, a year passed and I was so busy that the thought didn’t came to my mind. But the Pandemic gave me a chance to adopt what I like and interested in just by sitting at home.

Now I can study, And money is no more the problem and addition to it, there was plenty of time.I always wanted to have my future in finance world. I looked for the courses related to finance and came across the Henry Harvin’s Financial Analytics Course with SAS. Without any thought I applied for this course and was excited to get started.

The 24 hours of live interactive sessions and aspirants were free to attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers.I enjoyed the process of learning.They provide you with the brush up sessions and bootcamps over next 12 months.It enhanced my skills and powered my brain with all the useful knowledge of financial strategies and planning.The hackathons organised by Henry Harvin plays a role of refreshment.

Now, after completing this course I can have many job opportunities and internship.I was so happy to pursue what I always wished for.Thanks to all the trainers and the members of Henry Harvin.