I am a student and live in Kerala. Being a good project manager is a must for any management student. When I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw the PMI-ACP course outlet and then gathered some information by checking it on Henry Harvin’s website.

The course review was good and it suited my time frame and budget. The course was of 36 hours live online interactive classroom session and not just pre-recorded videos. We could question our instructors and clear doubts then and there.

The course instructor was good and also had great knowledge about the course and also was good in explaining the content. The outcome of the course was that I got the knowledge about the Agile Principles and Mindsets, and many more concepts. The project given to us as a final exam was based on the real world example which had a great impact in clearly understanding the concept too in a realistic way. I was also placed as an intern in a good firm and experienced company environment, and also understood work ethics. 

We were given weekly assignments to check whether we have understood the content being taught. I am really thankful to Henry Harvin Institute for such a course that is so beneficial. I will highly recommend everyone to enroll in this course and become a certified PMI-ACP specialist.

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