I was looking for an academy that not only offers blockchain certification training courses but also provides placement assistance. I found Henry Harvin who supports the learners to get certified training with the guidance of job opportunities. The academy has its place amongst the top academies offering various certificate courses. Henry Harvin has many reputed affiliations. Its global reach to the learners and experienced faculty offers quality education. I enrolled in the Blockchain Certification Training Course to develop my skills in the verification and security of transactions. The trainers helped me with every concept related to problem-solving. 

The course curriculum is a perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge. The academy conducts various projects to give practical knowledge. The live projects gave me ideas about industry-related work patterns. The interactive sessions under the guidance of expert trainers helped to gain detailed knowledge. E-learning is provided at Henry Harvin under one-year membership. The recorded sessions, projects, and games in e-learning are so beneficial. I got access to the learning management system (LMS) at Henry Harvin. The academy focuses on understanding the learners. 

The updated study material and modules helped me to get good theory knowledge. I learned to deal with security problems related to data in live projects. I got to learn how to secure data badly and prevent hacking. The trainers always helped me with my doubts and queries. They introduced complementary tools for blockchain certification training. I learned the verification of data to maintain flawless services from the server. The academy prepared me to work efficiently for industry-related problems. Placement assistance proved valuable for me. 

I was new to the industry after completing the blockchain certification course. I got the verified certification with a CDS credential. The credential was added to my CV and helped me to get a good job.

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