I was looking for a job. With the pandemic, everything has been affected. I lost my previous job. I had no work at all. I wanted to work and earn something. But all the jobs now have higher expectations and less salary to offer. I wasn’t sure if taking a course would help me. After much debate with myself, I took multiple online courses at the Henry Harvin training center. I wanted to be sure about the knowledge and practice I would have before applying for the project. I think my decision to choose the program with Henry Harvin was right. The training, session, and atmosphere were very interesting. I really enjoyed the sessions. It took time for me to adjust. My trainer and the team were very supportive.

After taking the program everything became exceptionally easy. I really liked the brushup session provided by Henry Harvin. Live learning sessions were amazing I must say. I think Henry Harvin is the best training institute in India. The course had a focus on the following:

  • Introduction to Course
  • Ways to Earn from Day One by doing Services
  • Online Business Models
  • Easy Online Strategies for Start Earning from Day One
  • Freelancing Jobs
  • Fiverr Gigs & Upwork
  • Course Review
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing

I can now take required actions at work along with the newly developed skills. The program has provided me with the best ways to communicate my objectives in a more focused manner with the audience. I have even earned the certificate.

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