Advanced Statistics for Six Sigma

I am Divyanka Agarwal from Delhi. I wanted to do advanced statistics for a six sigma course to open doors for job opportunities from abroad. I have always been interested in statistics but couldn’t find the right course to enhance my skills. Then I came across Henry Harvin’s courses. I must say it is one of the best platforms to enrich your skills. 

Henry Harvin advanced statistics for a six sigma course is ranked amongst the top three in the industry. The platform focuses on learning while doing and helps trainees understand the practical approach and use of statistical techniques to analyze difficult data, projects, GCAO pedagogy, etc. It is an 8 hours instructor-led course.

After the training, an online examination is conducted, and based on that the certificates are given. As you complete the course, you can avail of monthly boot camp sessions for 12 months and you don’t need to pay extra for it. The trainers are industry professionals and have extensive experience as practitioners of leading lean methodologies. 

I learned a lot during the advanced statistics for the six sigma course. After the completion of the course, I was able to enhance my profile with the global credentials of advanced statistics for the six sigma course. I also got the hallmark of CASSS next to my name. I regularly get job opportunities on mail. Henry Harvin also helped me in developing my interview skills.

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