I am currently in the third year of my college. I know it might sound too early to pursue this course. But in this world of competition and unemployment, you need to be ahead of others to prove your worth. That is why I decided to take this course from Henry Harvin to upgrade my knowledge at a developing level: Post Graduate program in accounting and taxation. I did not expect the course to be this engrossing and effective, and I am not bragging!

My parents were very enthusiastic about the program. The whole course turned out to be so productive and informative. All my objectives were met and the resources were amazing. The trainers gladly explained all my doubts, the concepts were clearly presented, and the projects were fun. All the sessions were interactive. Though there were a lot of students together, individual attention was given to meet everyone’s demand. There were quizzes and assignments to make our concepts clearer. With every class, I found myself exposed to newer topics that piqued my interest.

I would recommend every student interested to enhance their resume and knowledge must give this course a try. My parents and peers were impressed with my grasp over the advanced topics of accounting and taxation. The subject might not be easy but Henry Harvin really made it facile and simple to follow. A huge shout-out to all the faculty members there, for helping me and many more students achieve higher goals and having better career prospects.

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