I am currently pursuing my B com. The Corona pandemic has prevented me from going to classes. I have therefore had more time on my hands. That has allowed me to be productive. So I am looking for some other option to spend my free time. That is how I learned about the Oracle APPS R12 Financials Training Course from Henry Harvin Institute. I looked into the reviews for both the institute and the course. Honestly, there were a lot of good reviews which influenced me to enroll. I was really impressed by the first day of class.

By the second day, I had become friendly with my classmates. They provided me with access to the materials for life. They assist me with the placement guidance. A daily review form is sent to me to let them know how I am feeling about the class. Every review is welcome at the institute. It is a very professional environment. There are a lot of courses that have been upgraded, and the structure is highly reliable.

Students from other majors can also benefit from these materials. The trainer was extremely helpful and courteous in answering my questions. They provide live classes and also self-paced training. This gives me a lot of flexibility. I was thoroughly explained each and every detail. I was able to get into the flow of things quite quickly. My trainer and I communicated via email. And she will respond me in a short span of time. It is a very enjoyable classes for me. I would recommend it.

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